Author: Rub (Biolive)
Date: Feb. 2008, Update 2015

(Decoration/Laser show/light and stage creation) I'm Rub from Biolive (well known organization for his crazy decoration and stage) ...


Decoration and stages:

I ve experience in decoration for some years (See Timegate in or I make new style decos all the time and adapt his ideas for the party and festival... New type of decos with LED (diods light) and special creations with lights and differents effects... Want to makes new ideas and ready for crazy concepts and projects. Made effects with laser and decoration and symbiosis with all of them. and want to make new all the time.. To have an idea, see the pictues =)

Lasers and light:

I ve different lasers and are ready to make small and big installations with them. Really interested by it See also pictures. My real job is sound and light technician and I start to make several interesting big projects with good installations with symbiosis beetween Decos, lasers and light shows. I m ready to design a good stage. If you want more infos, don t hesitate to contact me I would be pleased to speak with you.

Contact :

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