The Ektoplazm free Music Portal Ektoplazm is a site devoted to psychedelic trance (psytrance), a distinct form of electronic dance music and a vibrant global counterculture.


    The team of is activ since the nineties, the user has different possiblities. The most important option is, that users can self-register festivals or parties worldwide.

  • Mobile Visuals

    Author: Mobile Visuals
    Date: Dec 01, 2007

    Hypnotic and trance inducing screensavers for your mobile

  • Mushroom Magazine

    Mushroom Magazine - A worldwide recognized psytrance publication founded by Mat Mushroom.


    As the Global Psytrance scene grows bigger and the demand for information about Psytrance Festivals and Psytrance Music is increasing as well, Trancentralwas created in order to provide the most accurate,fascinating and enlightening information about the Psytrance world.



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