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Experience Festival, Thailand

Here are some beautiful video impressions of "Experience Festival" in Thailand. Enjoy!

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The Experience Festival Koh Tao Thailand :: official aftermovie 30th-Dec-2014 to 2nd-Jan-2015. For 4 days and 4 nights some of the best psychedelic trance DJ's gather on Koh Tao for an amazing nonstop live experience presented by MAGIC PHANGAN PRODUCTIONS. Music by: 1) Troublemaker by E-CLIP (Iono Music - Serbia) 2) Trick or Treat by M-THEORY (Alchemy Records - Italy/UK) 3) Bumble by K.i.M (Zero 1 Music/Grasshopper Records - Sweden) 4) Nothing More Than An Illusion by NUKLEALL (Blacklite Records - Italy) Filmed by: Mario Chamorro Montenegro Andi Johnen Edited by: Andi Johnen This years Line-Up included MAIN STAGE LINE-UP: LIVE ACTS: Aquila (Dacru Records) Belgium Audioform (TIP/Blacklite Records) Greece E-Clip (Iono Music) Serbia Human Groove (United Fraggles/Flow EV Records) Austria K.i.M (Zero1 Music/Grasshopper Records) Sweden M-Theory (Alchemy Records) Italy/UK Note (Magic Phangan Records) Thailand Nukleall (Blacklite Records) Italy Spinal Fusion (Profound Records) India Suduaya (Altar Records) France Vivid Loop (Nutek Japan) Japan DJ’s: Abstract (Purple Hexagon Records) Indonesia Actarus (Maharetta/Moonloop Records) France Apnea (Maharetta/Magic Phangan Rec/Funky Freaks rec) Belgium Bombadil (IguanaLoco) Switzerland Common Tense (2 to 6 Records) Iran Gandalf (Iono Music) Germany Goa Gummy (Psyhead Community) Thailand Jo Moontribe (Magic Phangan/Antu Records) Malta/Phangan Jonnie (Ban Sabaii) England Jorg vs Wung (Blue Moon/Zoom Bar) Thailand Koi (Shiva Moon) Thailand Lars Lee (Digital Frequenz Records) Germany Leung (Magic Phangan Records) Thailand Mike Mad (We Are Psychedelic) Switzerland Norion (Dacru/Green Tree Rec/B2B) Belgium OLI (Ban Sabaii) England Pravah (Ex-Dragon Loops Org.) Germany Promethee (Butterfly Family) France Psyfrog (Tommy Full Moon) Thailland Psymbiosis (Maharetta Records) Italy R’Deem (Purple Snow Productions) Belgium Radzy (Epic Tribe/BMSS Records) Malaysia Raoul (Blue Hour Sounds/Maharetta Records) Germany Sabaii Sabaii (Spirit Zone Records) Thailand Saikot (Epic Tribe) Russia Scotty (VuuV Festival) Germany Sebidelica (Unio Mystica/Mutagen Records) Belgium Single Vision (Phoenix Groove Records/Ravelations) India/Dubai Sonic Quake (Morphonic Records) Switzerland Special Kay (YSE Records) South Africa StarLab (Digital Om Productions) India Tantrix (Blue Hour Sounds) England Tripical (Halfmoon Festival/All Records) Thailand U-Taa (Green Tree Records) USA Yohei (Twenty4Seven Records) Japan Yuya (Antu Records) Japan CHILL OUT STAGE LINE-UP: LIVE ACTS: By The Rain (BMSS/Trimurti Rec/Epic Tribe) Turkey Suduaya (Altar Records) France DJ’s: Abstract (Purple Hexagon Records) Indonesia Andre P. (Russia) Blue Eyed Violet (Maharetta Rec/Magic Phangan) Belgium K.O.B. (Greenshadow) Thailand Psychotic (Ban Sabaii) Thailand Psygasus (GreenTree Records) Belgium Sandesh (Maharetta Records) Italy Sebidelica (Mutagen Rec/Unio Mystica) Belgium Soniya (Earthfest Revolutions) Taiwan Ssongg (Ban Sabaii) S.Korea Tommy Rocker (Thailand) Tranquilogen (Merkaba Music) Iran Wacamolo (France) DÉCOR: Carin Dickson (South Africa) Kosta Tattoo (Russia) Magic Phangan Team (Thailand) VISUALS: VJ Baba (UK) XamaSutra (Japan)
Experience Festival, Thailand Experience Festival, Thailand
Duration: 00:12:12
Date: January 16, 2015
Views: 319,782
Experience Festival, Thailand Experience Festival, Thailand
Duration: 00:09:20
Date: January 17, 2014
Views: 25,754
Experience Festival, Thailand Experience Festival, Thailand
Duration: 00:09:56
Date: January 4, 2013
Views: 11,105



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