Healing Area

The Chill Out area has always been an essential ingredient in Psy Trance. Giving you a space to relax, calm down after dancing, to meet, to exchange and to socialize. However some chill out areas offer more than that in order to provide a greater variety of regenerative possibilities. A kind of healing area has evolved which lays its focus on the general well-being of the human being.

Here we would like to present all sorts of different aspects and approaches to the general topic of the healing area. We will be collecting and presenting articles and information to themes as "Overall understanding of Health", "Healthy Nutrition - Cultural Definitions" (with inspirations taken from the Common Kitchen area of Festivals), "Yoga, Meditatition and Massages", "Sensitizing Contiousness and Incitement of Senses", among others.

Gandalf the colourful

Gandalf the colorful is a german guy who travelled around europe to serve the people with a smile biological energyballs.

For the Energyballs he uses only biologically organic food. In loving hand each ball is shaped and finally rolled in coconut, cocoa, sesame or poppy.



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