Boom Kids 2014, Portugal

This is a quiet area for the youngest of us, even if Boomers know very well that age is not a biological fact, those who are actually biologically young can gather at the BIMBAMBOOM!

A sort of small playground within a bigger one… Children have been a fundamental part of Boom Festival since its very beginning. Back in 1998 an area was created called Baby Boom, which served as Boom’s children’s space until 2012. As Boom, like a child, has also grown up and developed, also the children’s space has evolved into a whole new concept, in a new area of the Boom Land with a new team.

In this year’s edition, if you bring your children, we invite you to participate in BIMBAMBOOM, where the movers and shakers of the future can fully participate to the celebrations of Boom in a joyful, safe, creative transformational experience!

For the first time the children area will be located next to the “Family Camp” (camping area recommended for families) as well as a community kitchen. You will not require any reservation, but please note that the space for caravans will be limited and distributed among first Family Boomers to enter festival site. However, there is no need to worry – Boom Festival offers this year many other quiet camping areas where all the families can find their shelter.

The production of this new area at Boom Festival is being done also with children! These children will help us plan and create the perfect playground for the kids who will arrive with the beginning of the Festival: straw bale houses, library, climbing park, swimming pool, painting and construction room, giant marble run, swings, tree houses, cinema, musical park, shadowy places...

There will be a mini stage for speeches, workshops, shows and live music calledthe Li-Mini-Mal Village, a mini healing area and much more. Program will include: Natural construction, theatre, cinematography, make-your-own-toys, alternative education, home birth, healthy food... a playground for new alternative technologies, invented, built and tested by children!

BIMBAMBOOM is ideal for children from 3 to 14 years old. Because of the dust, intense sunlight and high temperatures, Boom Festival can be a very challenging event for the smallest ones. WE RECOMMEND parents not to bring children below 2 years of age!

NOTE: BIMBAMBOOM is not a place where to forget your children for hours, but every situation and every need can be discussed to find the best solution.

If you wish to share your passions, art and skills with the Boom kids please write to: emailButtonThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Remember: Children under 12 years get free entry for the festival. Yet, and we repeat it again, considering the very high temperatures, loud noise and dusty air, we recommend parents not to bring children below 2 years of age!



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