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  • Bobby C. Alkabes is a professional photographer. She is living in Switzerland.

  • Here is a report from Carlos Motta about his way to photography. Enjoy reading! "It all started under the influence of a friend who encouraged me to photograph festivals.

  • Chinchulive - Jorge Martin Lerose is a photographer from Argentina.

  • Evandro Jakus is a photographer from Brazil. He loves to take pictures at festivals.

  • João Paulo e Paulo Ricardo Vieira Borges: Irmãos gêmeos e fotógrafos que descobriram que a melhor técnica para fotografar é a técnica do amor.

  • Herique Marques is a photographer from brazil. He likes to take pictures at parties or festivals.

  • Jiri MagicM and Sisi Shanti are two photographers and vidio artists from Czech Repubilc.

  • Lauro Medeiros

  • Murilo Ganesh é um dos mais destacados fotógrafos profissionais da cena alternativa nacional .

  • Mystical Pics

  • Nicolas Desfontaine

  • Udo Herzog
    Hamburg, Germany

    updated: nov 23, 1998

    Photogallery and Interview

  • This is an old chaishop article. But Joern is still active as photographer, but not in this area. In his article he wrote: "Hi fellows, there are a lot of good photographers in our scene. People from all over the world that document our history and remind us of the beauty and emotional times of events. But how can we reach them? Where can we find their work?

  • Woodfarmer Photography He is a photographer from Austria.

  • Here some few words about our Project „Weareone Photography“. Im Weiteren ein paar Gedanken zu unserem Umgang mit der Photographie.



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