ॐWeareoneॐ Photography

Here some few words about our Project „Weareone Photography“. Im Weiteren ein paar Gedanken zu unserem Umgang mit der Photographie.

"Es sind die besonderen Momente, in denen die Menschen frei und leicht einfach nur sie selbst sind, die unsere Photographie ausmachen.
Die tragenden elemente musik und tanz verbinden uns weltweit
wir möchten die gemeinsamkeiten trotz unterschiedlicher kultureller prägungen zeigen.

we are one!"

Our Project "Weareone Photography" was founded two years ago by Mike McKotch and has since been a growing community of passionate photographers who try to capture and preserve all those beautiful brief moments of time throughout time. First only on Facebook, now on chaishop, too.

Into our third year with now over 10000 Likes on Facebook, the team of „Weareone Photography“ is overwhelmed by the great reception our new Concept received so far in 2015. In 2014 chaishop.com expanded conceptually and was being technically overhauled this year! „Weareone Photography“ is part of this conceptual expansion and will make it possible to preserve the moments and memories of electronic psy trance culture in different ways.

In line with the spirit of the old Chaishop team and by applying the principles of Chaishop's philosophy to the art of photography, we created the "Festival Galleries" section on this website. It stands as a display for world wide Psy Trance Festival culture.

Our Photography team has been on tour for the past three years and was able to capture some wunderful moments in time, memories and emotions of people just being themselves. With an appropriate amount of descretion we try to get close to the people, careful not to invade privacy and still to be able to capture those precious silent moments. We prefere to spare the use of digital manipulation or extraordinary after-effects in our photography as we would like to present the natural beauty of the people in our work. Relaxed and in touch with their inner self, people shine from within in all their loveliness.

A big thank you goes out to all the organisers who have worked together with us in the past.


  • O.Z.O.R.A Festival, Hungary 08/2013 (without cooperation)
  • Beachfestival Kijkduin, Holland 08/2013
  • Gaggalacka Festival, Germany 09/2013
  • Hai in den Mai Festival, Germany 05/2014
  • Psychedelic Circus, Germany 06/2014
  • A place to be Open Air, Germany 06/2014
  • Life Celebration Festival, Croatia 07/2014
  • Wonderland, Waldfrieden,Germany 08/2014
  • New Healing Festival, Germany 08/2014
  • Gaggalacka Festival, Germany 09/2014
  • Hai in den Mai, Germany 05/2015
  • Psychedelic Experience, Germany 05/2015
  • Psychedelic Circus, Germany 06/2015
  • Shankra Festival, Switzerland 06/2015
  • Yaga Festival, Lithuania 07/2015
  • Summer Never Ends, Switzerland 08/2015
  • Wonderland, Germany 08/2015
  • Sonica Festival, Italy 08/2015
  • MoDem Festival, Croatia 08/2015
  • New Healing, Germany 08/2015





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