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Author: Sam
Date: Jan 31, 2008

Download shop of the swedish progressive trance duo!

For more than a decade, Swedish duo Rickard Berglšf and Robert Elster (better known to the world as Vibrasphere) have been pumping out tracks from their Cloud 99 Studio. With way over a 100 released productions to their name, they are without a doubt one of the most sought-after and respected trance acts in the world today. Vibrasphere have performed hundreds of Live sets in over 40 countries all over the globe. Early releases Echo (2001) on Spiral Trax and Lime Structure (2003) on Digital Structures established them as truly leading figures of the progressive trance scene, earning them a place in the history of this progressive sound. Their 3rd Album, Archipelago (also on Digital Structures) was regarded as one of the seminal releases of 2006 and after their short break in 2005, firmly signally Vibrasphere were back on the scene. In late 2006, the single цloating FreeѠwas picked up by Superstar DJs Markus Shulz and Armin Van Buuren for their radio shows, resulting in a string of licenses including Gatecrasher Live on Ministry of Sound and Armada Trance Vol. 1. With strong support from DJs Paul Van Dyk, Hernan Cattaneo, Paul Oakenfold, Christopher Lawrence, Remy, Menno de Jong, Kenneth Thomas and John 00 Fleming has helped with making a successful transition to a wider audience and a whole new generation of Vibrasphere fans. Riding on the back of their successful 2006 release Archipelago (and its subsequent remix cd), Vibrasphere released  their 4th full length album, Exploring the Tributaries this time on Tribal Vision Records in June 2007. In December 2008 Vibrasphere released the Album Lungs of Life as a tribute to their 10-year anniversary. The album crossed over into many different styles such as techno, minimal and trance. During 2009 Vibrasphere toured a lot and made a highly acclaimed remix of the Depeche mode song Peace as a part of the bands remix contest on Beatport. After a decade of the music, one can only guess where the pair will go next. However, one thing is for sure and that is that Vibrasphere have firmly stamped their name in the history books as one of the pioneering acts of the electronic music movement and their music will continue to influence people for many years to come.




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