Cosmic Tantra

Since childhood Cosmic Tantra has had an affection for music and arranging and mixing of cuts. He only started Djing in 1999 after the solar eclipse party "Solipse" in Hungary.

By now he has worked as a dj on many occasions, parties & festivals in many countries (e.g. Antaris, Atlantis, ShivaMoon, Sonnenklang OA & many more). Since 2008 he now works as musical artist in different clubs all over germany, presenting a musical journey through electronic dance music. 

"A dj mostly will be seen as a person who mixes tracks by fading in & out. For me it's so much more, like looping, using effects, mixing 3 or 4 tracks, sounds or noises at the same time. And sometimes playing an instrument live, too. So i see myself more as a musical artist than a dj!"

Cosmic Dance Sensation:
Although Cosmic Tantra's original style was warm Progressive- & Psychedelic Trance, his appearances are now influenced by the most important styles of music: Ambient, Chill, Lounge, Minimal, Deep House, Tech House, Electronic, Progressive House, Progressive Trance & Psychedelic Trance. One of his mottoes and the reason for changing his musical program: "Music connetcs - splitting, e.g. in different styles, is no good way!"

His favorites are the driving beats with warm & harmonic progressive sounds.. A perfect mix of all this different styles to create a "Symphony of Sound" from all this electronic dance music is very important for him. As human and spiritual aspects influence the choice of the musical pieces, he called his musical program "Cosmic Dance Sensation". With a maximum of tracks out of all styles he can offer sets from three up to six hours.

Live Act:
There are different live acts: "Cosmic Tantra" with a musical program of most known electronic dance music styles. Additionally a personal Live-Act of his side project "The Shambala Project", performing spiritual music with drums, can be included or mainly booked. Your guests will feel the "Cosmic Spirit" at every Party/ every Festival...!

Faithful to his motto: Dance to trance & let your soul fly!




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