TelePathik FreeQuencies

TelePathik FreeQuencies is Shlomi & Tamir, a New York/Israel based project playing Psychedelic trance music since 2010. We believe in a powerful and groovy bassline with a Psychedelic atmosphere and FreeQuenices that make u MOVE!


Raised on artists like Shiva Shidapu / Briancell/ Hux Flux/ Atriohm/ Ajja & Evp, helps us on choosing new and Psychedelic music. Playing along side artists like kindzaza, synthetik chaos, southwild, drumatik , kabayun, manipulation , mark day and many more.

We like to have a high energetic ENERGY through the speakers you can feel in your heart , mind and soul. With Shlomi’s dark style mixed with Tamir’s groovy powerful taste, keeps the crowd guessing and stomping. Sending telepathik freequencies through the speakers will lead to A Psychedelic dance floor and smiles for everyone, every time! :::)

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Label Digital Shamans Records

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