Let’s get the party rocking! Barely any other Psy Trance act approaches this motto in such a straight way like the S.U.N. Project does.


S.U.N. PROJECT (McCOY, Marco, Matthias) was the best known psy-trance-act from Germany and the pioneers of guitar-trance. Between 1996-2011 they released 13 albums and travelled all around the world to play their music live. But since original-drummer and founder McCOY left the band in 2011, the original Sun Project-line-up doesn´t exist anymore.

THE SHOW MUST GO ON: 2011 drummer and owner of „Sun Project-Records“ McCOY grabbed the amazing guitar-player SLAG and together they founded “McCOY´s S.U.N. PROJECT”. Breaking new grounds in combining full-on-psy-trance with the hottest sounds in todays electronic music, flavoured with stunning heavy-metal-guitar-riffs hard as bone.

If you want DRUMS & GUITARS & BASS you have to watch out for "McCOY´s S.U.N. PROJECT" !!!

The most powerful FULL-ON-LIVE-ROCK-SHOW, with alien-masks, fire-show and all the SUN PROJECT-hits !!!

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Discography McCOY`s S.U.N Project

  • 2011 Metallic Taste - Planet B.E.N Records
  • 2009 The Remixes II - S.U.N.Project Records
  • 2008 X Black Album - S.U.N.Project Records
  • 2005 Wicked - S.U.N.Project Rec./ Vision Quest
  • 2004 Insectified - S.U.N.Project Rec. / Toshiba EMI
  • 2003 Sexperimental - S.U.N.Project Rec. / Toshiba EMI
  • 2001 The Remixes - S.U.N.Project Rec. / Spirit Zone
  • 2001 Guitar Trax - S.U.N.Project Rec. /Nova Tekk
  • 2000 Paranormal - S.U.N.Project Rec. /Nova Tekk
  • 1998 Zwork - S.U.N.Project Rec. / Nova Tekk
  • 1998 Macrophage - S.U.N.Project Rec. Spirit Zone
  • 1997 Drosophila - S.U.N.Project Rec. / Spirit Zone



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