Secret Vibes

The French band Secret Vibes is celebrating its 10th anniversary!

Here are some video impressions (not really good - if you find some better ones let us know).

For this special occasion, they are releasing a masterpiece of innovative, pumping, progressive and ethno-psychedelic album. Their reputation is of Live Kicking Extravaganza through collaborations with numerous musicians brings you an accomplished colorful music. Mixing traditional instruments like flute, didgeridoo, mouth harp, etc…) Vocals present ranging from sensible to powerful, world and ethnic backgrounds such as Tribal chants, Celtic, Asian and Latino. All this intertwined with an electronic base with well-arranged progressions and funky kicks! Their latest album “Firefly” hallmarks the cornerstone and encapsulates a decade’s worth of musical ingenuity, talent and experience forged both in the studio and at Live Venues.

Secret Vibes is an established leading band of the French electronic scene. They prove their success repeatedly for their original music and for their most amazing dynamism in their live  performances. Proudly released by the label Aboriginal Records, “Firefly” is a collection of songs that do not disappoint. The whole album is a magical sonic carpet ride around the world and back  again, through a decade and beyond time through various musical influences.

And now, since 2011, we are in Hadra Rec (France)

The story so far ...

Here it is ... back to 1999, Jean Jacques Lasserre, leader of a band named « Secret », dashes into an instrumental project, keeping his former sense of Electro-world colors, he likes so much.
With Boops, an ingenious and really experimented guitarist, he makes a first try. Soon, a guy named Franck Ecalard aka Glyphcult comes to join the former duo, his task : blowing didgeridoos!
Quickly they manage to perform on some electro-trance events near Paris with other new comers as Julian H (sound-engineer and sound-fx) and Mylène Coubronne, the flutist, Who brings the
indispensable melodic touch.

They manage, then, to record their first album, « 1999 », self-distributed via internet, with 4 titles pulled from their live-performance at the « Gaïa party » (near Paris - France). They are now becoming a part of the electro-underground parisian scene. In the year 2000, born the « collective spirit », their stage-performances offers then new surprises, they are bringin' in, dancers and performers as well as the following artistic guests : René Boelle (body-painting), Kama (fluoro-deco) and Virginie Sueres (Vj).

It's now 2001, time for the big Trance-festivals. One of their titles appears on a first Psytrance compilation called « Password is love », followed by a second track featured on the « Translocco
Express » an Ethno-Trance compilation. Soon they begin to be exported through France, in Switzerland and Morocco. To begin with the year 2003, they settle in the countryside, near a very old oak (800 years old), when they become soaked with nature and with its myths to compose and realize « Sylva » their second studio-album.

2004 knocks at the door, They are now dealing with Mozaïc Music, a national distribution/promotion. Music grows richer with three new permanent members: Adèle (didgeridoos, Jew's harp), Franck Kick Bong (drums & percs) and Cendre Osmosa (elfic/feminine Singing). They are playing in a more eclectic way and are performing various stages, where they are still receiving an unanimously warm reception (Live-recording video of the « Mondes solidaires » Festival).

Year 2007, is the one for the recording of a new album and yes, the story continues...

Embark on a trip for a new trance around the world~
Original Ethno Trance project: Main Floor &/or Chill-Out

Concerts :
Cabaret Sauvage, Batofar, Locomotive, Divan du Monde, Glaz'Art, Palais des Congrés de Paris (body painting Show)... Event Morroco 2008

Festivals :

  • Utopia(after Bom festival 2008)
  • Hadra festival 2008,
  • Dreamweather festival 2008(Belgium),
  • Existence 2007(Spain),
  • Festival Prima Vera 2007(Savoie),
  • "Les Selenites" 2006,
  • Boom Festival 2006(Portugal),
  • Sinergia 2006(Portugal),
  • Medieval Fantasy festival 2005(Toulouse),
  • Omni-Festival(Spain) 2005,
  • En Arwen(Bretagne) 2004,
  • Les Mondes Solidaires 2004,
  • Teriaki 2004,
  • Cosmopolite 2004,
  • Gaia Festival 2001,
  • Orejona 2002,
  • Festival des Collines 2001,
  • Morroco2001,




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