Cosmic Vibration, Germany

The Live Act "Cosmic Vibration" from Munich, Germany has a great start with the first Album "COS". "Cosmic Vibration" are Tom Tiefenbacher, Jens Zygar and singer Tuulia from Finnland.

About Cosmic Vibration and the Album "COS"

With their first album they created a wonderful journey through a psychelelic world. The musical variations and the versatility of used instruments such as a gong and other ususal percussions, these surprising changes show a fine understanding of music and create cosmic worlds. "Cosmic Vibration" know how to create energy through music, how to channel it and how to take their listeners on a ride on those energy frequencies.

Each track tells its own story and invites the listener to explore the diversity of "Cosmic Vibration". By her soothing voice and accompanied by the instrumentals Tuulia manages to fill in the tunes with her very own energy and emotions and touches the souls of her listeners. May the weather be as bad as it is, "Cosmic Vibration" manages to get the listener involved and transports loads of positive energy and will surely put a smile on your face.

Thomas Tiefenbacher:
drummer, songwriter, producer, krautrocker, shaman

Tuulia Rosenbröijer:
singer, dancer, actress, lover, finnish yoik princess

Jens Zygar:
gong master, percussionist, cosmic octavist, soundhealer

Thank you very much to Tom Tiefenbacher, Jens Zygar and Tuulia for this great work!


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