Eitan Reiter - Places I Miss that I Haven't been To (Aleph Zero Records)

Author: Roberdo
Date: Jun 4, 2010
Score: n/a

The first thing that drew my attention to this release was the name of the artist: Eitan Reiter. I remembered him to be responsible for a really,

really, really, really, good trancy Techno track (or should I say techy Trance track? Hard to decide!) I was searching for quite some time. But with this in mind it was also a big surprise for me to see this dude releasing an album on Aleph Zero Records, a label that is well known for its Psychedelic Chill Out releases…

Cover Artwork:


No.: Track:
1. Underwater
2. Choices
3. The Way to...
4. See what I See, Hear what I Hear
5. Eggplant Week
6. Friends
7. Coffee
8. Smile
9. My Window
10. Room of Creation
11. Just another Night (part 2)
12. Closure


To sum it up right at the beginning: The album perfectly fits into the sound roaster of Aleph Zero. Eitan Reiters "Places I Miss that I Haven't been To" is packed with very deep and very psychedelic soundscapes, hovering pad sounds and seemingly infinite reverb spaces. The mood dreamy to sentimental but in fact ot keeps changing during the entire album. Most of the songs remain in a very laid back, slow tempo. A remarkable characteristic is a certain cinematic moment that appears probably most distinct in "Choices", which is also one of my favourite tracks on this album. A view into the biography of Eitan reveals the reason for this impression: Beside his work as an ambient producer he is also part of the Psy Trance project Loud and composes music for film productions, too. "The Eggplant Week" comes with a tiny breeze of Balearic Chill Out feeling and "Smile" turns out to be a downbeat track with distinctly more emphasis on the percussion and rhythms while really giving everything to make you what its title demands... Quality music from Aleph Zero Records one more time, really great for the quiet and / or relaxed hours of life!



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