Nick Bugayev - Tricky EP Review by Jugge

Author: Dj Jugge
Date: Mar 10, 2009
Score: 7/10

Nick Bugayev – Tricky EP – Tribal Vision Records

Cover Artwork:

Track list:

No.: Track:
1. Tricky (Original Mix)
2. Tricky (Karl Johan Rmx)
3. Tricky (Mute Rmx)


After the great Vibrasphere album “Lungs of Life”, here comes the next release from Tribal Vision Records, this time an EP done by the Canadian artist Nick Bugayev, with remixes from Karl Johan and Mute. The original one comes very deep and with a low bpm (122) has a groovy and fat bassline, some mellow and atmospheric pads crossing, crispy and acid sounds coming in and out that together with the industrial noises gives the track a pacific and at the same time darker effect.

The second one is the remix of Karl Johan and is my favourite has a groovy and very danceable bassline, lots of nice and warm percussions making the rhythm, some crystal leads bringing a morning and atmospheric effect on the track...the construction of all elements is really great and progressive, this one is going to put the people completely connected to the dancefloor without any doubts.

The second remix is done by Mute and is a bit more psychedelic and organic...the elements from the original are all there but on a very different proposition, with a pumping and strong bassline, some lightning synths and noises making the history a bit more twisted...the percussions and the shaker hi-hats gives a very danceable mood to the track, promising lots of energy on the dancefloor.

Speaking in general, I think we can see this EP as pure oriented-dancefloor music...I like all the tracks here, the first and the third a bit more tech house oriented and the second with a more minimal structure.

A must have for djs and electronic music lovers.

J 7/10

Pedro Gaspar aka Jugge.



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