E v.s Y - Virtuosi Di Quosi (Faerie Dragon Records)

Author: Roberdo
Date: Jun 11, 2009
Score: n/a

Finnish Psy Trance is a style of its own, no doubt.

Cover Artwork:


No.: Track:
1. Uus Avaruus
2. A Finn Hits The Fan
3. Valumatta Kiiltomato
4. Paper View
5. Tietaja
6. Public Tranceport
7. Frank Bongenstein
8. Matkija Mutkalla
9. Om Om, Hmm...
10. The Possibilizer
11. Lentokapteenin Leija


I am really wondering why it is like that but Finnish productions doubtless stand out from the masses of releases most often. Yöjalka and Eraser are a good example for this fact. These two dudes have been around in the Psy Trance scene with their music since quite some time and so gained quite some experience with synths, sampler and sequencers. But what is probably even more important is that both of them have a background as real musicians: They studied classical music and played in various bands and one can really hear that also nowadays. Recently they released their new Album Virtuosi Di Quosi on Faerie Dragon. So let's have a listen...

The album takes straight off with a fast and powerful bass line and I don’t have to wait long until these distinctive sound splinters buzz around my head. The lead synth reminds a little bit 80ies sound. So this is how it sounds when A Finn Hits The Fan: Powerful, humorous, very loopy and also pretty melodic. Yeah, indeed here we can already hear the musical background of the producers- sounds that still deserve to be called Trance. The music keeps varied, number three comes with a twisted shuffle beat. Heading the mid of the track list the tempo increases more and more. It is definitely extraordinary sound, too much psychedelic for Full On and too friendly and humorous for Dark. Well, simply Finnish school… Public Tranceport is one of my personal favourites, featuring an absolutely forcing groove and a piercing acid line. Always there is a pinch of old school- at least these sounds remind me the late nineties. But of course the production quality is kind of another world, it’s crystal clear and bouncing. The tempo is easing again, with Om, Om, Hmm I listen to an already Progressive styled track, also one of my personal top picks from this album.

Refreshing sounds from cool Finnland. Look at the stylish cover, it already tells quite something about the mood of the tracks! This music probably deserves the attribute Psychedelic Trance most from all what I have heard during the past months!





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