Spliff Music Propaganda

Author: Juggler
Date: Mar 4, 2005
Score: 6/10

Spliff Music – Propaganda

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It’s a compilation by Molly Kulator, one of top psy Sweden dj\'s.

The cd contains 10 previously unreleased tracks from top psy full on artists and some new talents as well.

The CD open up with an amazing collaboration between Safi and Liquid phase, it\'s a full on psy-rock guitar project like nothing you ever heard before, continues with tracks from Hux Flux another bomb from Mekkanikka, Japanese Theoreme, Dozer Aka Blt and 40%, Tube (Chemical crew), Sixsense and great promise from Israeli trance Chemical Drive.


No.: Artist: Track:
1. Safi and liquid phase Sounds like Bazoom
2. Hux Flux Equivalent Equations
3. Mekkanikka Resurection
4. Theoreme Asagao
5. Dozer and 40% S.P.O.
6. Tube Secrets of life
7. Dali Going down
8. Sixsense Spiritual sense
9. Chemical Drive Mushroom jack
10. Safi Connection and Ibojima Awakening of dawn


I know that this one is a bit too late but I just got the cd at 2 weeks ago...

Track 1 is done by Safi and Liquid Phase and it calls “Sound like Bazoom”; it seems a bit to the experimental side of trance (like Safi usually work), it has some guitar reefs but always very loud…some psychedelic tunes can be listen too…

Hux Flux brings us more one track completely Hux Flux style!!! It has his characteristic psychedelic sounds, good melodies that doing me remember India…all well constructed…but a bit boring till the end (it can be a bit smaller).

Track 3 by Mekkanikka (Resurection) doesn’t seem like a Mekkanikka track, it is more psychedelic and more aggressive then the other ones…it has some psychedelic sounds all track long that give it power and velocity…

Track 4 by Theoreme (Asagao) continues exploring the psychedelic territories opened in Hux Flux track…all the track has psychedelic melodies and sounds, powerful kick, and a good guitar reef that sounds like it’s playing live…

Dozer & 40 % presents us S.P.O., a bit more pacific and quiet then the other tracks…it has a nice groove, nice morning melodies, a negative point is a long and long stop in the music (about 2 minutes), more negative because when it starts again we think that it was 2 minutes expecting anything that didn’t come.

Tube’s Secrets of Life take us into some type of spatial dreams; it has a groovy and power bassline, quiet but open melodies all track long and in the final part this melodies come more and more luminous, like if we have catch the treasure at the end of the tunnel :)

Track 7 by Dali (Going Down) it’s definitely not my taste, it has much vocals and all similar, saying Dali all track long…it’s just one more track in the trance music, nothing except this…

Track 8 by Sixsense, called “Spiritual Sense”, takes the compilation to a more pacific atmosphere again, all the music is invaded by a great groove, the kickbass is strong, melodies from morning appears and goes away taken you with it…

Mushroom Jack by Chemical Drive is my favourite here; it has a progressing feeling, much grooveeeee, and some nice and progressing bassline…all with mellow and spiral melodies.

In ten and last position we have Safi Connection & Ibojima with “Awakening of Dawn“, is a well chosen track to finish this compilation…it has bright and luminous melodies, a warm feeling associated with it, ideal to finish a party!


Speaking in general, Propaganda is good but it can be better, in my opinion the present compilation of Spliff Music (Roppongi Dreams) is doing much better his job :)

My favourites here are Tube, Sixsense and Chemical Drive; I give it 6/10.

Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler



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