Moonstone Records - Star Dust Compiled by Dj F-Rat

Author: Juggler
Date: Apr 12, 2005
Score: 8/10

Moonstone Records – Star Dust

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Founded by the well known DJ and artist BOG (Visual Paradox) and DJ F-Rat, already a known DJ herself and Com. Pact records PR and Booking manager, its solid backbone is well presented with this album. Star Dust is MoonStone Records debut release, presenting a mixture of known artists and fresh new talented artists each with an exquisite neo-fullon sound. Star Dust is another well polished and exciting compilation introducing new ideas and sounds, tightly and skilfully enhanced to perfection. See you under a Moonlite sky...


No.: Artist: Track:
1. Noga  Moksha Mania
2. Blackout Black Energy
3. Dooper Doopler Here It Comes
4. Mahamudra Metal Ethnic
5. Tactic Mind Troy
6. Visual Contact Naughty Boy
7. Tripteaser Heart Brain & Soul
8. Freakulizer Summer is Almost Gone
9. Electro Sun & Brain Damage Hypnotic Voices


Seeing the track list makes me think that I’m in front of a multi-styles trance compilation, some progressive names, some fullon names, some dark names, I expect not to be wrong.

Track 1 by Noga (Moksha Mama) starts the compilation very quiet…this track has a contradiction for me, apart from have a progressive feeling on it, I think it’s perfect to finish a morning set, very quiet melody at the end.

Blackout – Black Energy brings the power and the psychedelic feeling to the compilation…I think there is nothing new on this track, but for sure Blackout will presenting us with more good surprises soon.

Dooper Doopler brings us “Here It Comes”, this is for me the first great track here…it has a power bassline, seems to be progressing all track long and at the last minutes we can listen to a beautiful and light melody that certainly put you on the right mood :)

Mahamudra release here they first track, in my opinion it can be better but it’s not bad too…all the track have a morning and peaceful groovy, a man’s voice sample from time to time that gives the track a progressive attitude, but nothing really new, I will be waiting for his next release…

Tactic Mind (Troy) is a collaboration between Ultravoice and Kyo Log, very good at all…I just don’t like the sample saying “LSD” repeatedly because there are many many tracks using the same word/same sample, but apart from this all the track is well constructed, powerful kick, nice hi-hats, my favourite till now :)

Track 6 by Visual Contact (Naughty Boy) has a nice and powerful groovy bass, good psy tunes, some “night melody” that seems to be sampled from a terror movie, very funky.

Track 7 is done by Tripteaser and is more quiet and morning-oriented then the last ones…groovy bass, nice melodies, a good but a bit repetitive sample, I think it will be good for morning-dancefloors.

Freakulizer, the project of Thujon, bring us more one full on morning track, with light melodies and sounds, nice samples, but with nothing really different from other full on morning tracks…

To close the compilation F-Rat have choose “Hypnotic Voices” done by Electro Sun & Brain Damage, in my opinion great choice to finish Star Dust, this track is completely morning-oriented, melodies everywhere, one of my “best-of” here :)

After listen all tracks carefully, I think Moonstone starts his way in the right mood, different trance styles all together to make a great and variety hour of good trance music!


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler



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