Carole Murania

Carole Murania is an amazing young artist from france. Have a look at this gallery and enjoy the art!

Carole Murania lives in France, passionate all kinds of art. She has started drawing at childhood, but it has take a few years that she discovered the mysteries of painting, and fell in love. Carole went for many trips to Asia. She discovered various crafts and the passionate for jewelery and stones.

"Why asia? Cause India was childhood dream, and i love the Asian people for their peace and culture, i went there cause after many years Working like pharmacyst, i realyse That i had everything material in my Life,monney, house, Tv... But i was feeling not So happy with this Life, and incomplete So i décide to leave this confort, to discover réal Life, far from society, and discover my réal first travel was just to make new experience, and finally i fell in love with this kind of Life, and discover How was possible and Easy to décide witch Life you can have.... You just have to want it, and do decided to realize my dreams and live my passion , an artist in the soul , I have realized that my passion could be more than hobbie, éven if today, i have less monney, and réal challenge to work on your dream, i feel Alive,and every day it s new adventure... During my différents travel, i discover as Well trance music and trance community, and i really like it, cause people... It s the only partys where i found smily, and happy people, everybody there for enjoy the moment with respect of other people, you can really feel the love on the dance floor, and have a réal amazing expériences with dance... For me... About my jewels, i work with stones,cause they make sens for me, Silver,brass,copper, and string... I like to transform the think, it s amazing to understand That we can start with a simple peace of métal and finally get something from your imagination .... My advice never give up, éven if it s hard, believe in yourself, more you practice, better you become, and you ll be surprise How far you can go..."

"I have left my job to devote myself entirely to my art, and to create my brand Meteora Jewels."





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