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Orbital Experiences, event design & light art which makes people happy – since 1997.

From the eyes - through the brain - into the heart!

 Biography of Orbital Experiences:

In the 90s Aldo Viorel had been a faithful attendant of Berlin clubs like E-Werk and Tresor. The club‘s optical decoration as those at Goa parties as Shiva Moon, Antaris and VooV instilled a profound bond to the Goa scene! “The first time I heard Goa trance I felt like I am at home in Romania with all these phat beats of the folkloric sounds.” While still an apprentice he organised his first open air in 1997. This became the starting point for his company ‚Orbital Experiences‘ (OE) which aimed at creating a world where people can experience well-being and family feeling. For Aldo light, form and music are one. He wanted to mystify the crowd, set up a world apart from reality, create and render fun, have people leave smiling. The crowd even got a little giveaway e.g. lucky stones after each party for the interior human connection.

So, subsequently the team of OE got bigger and also went for different productive directions. Since 1997 its projections and sound & light technology were not just light pioneers at rapidly growing German Goa open airs until 2004, but enthralling worldwide, for example at the Cocoon club @ Amnesia, at Monza, the Robbie Williams Tour as well as innumerable after hours on Ibiza. OE developed into an underground organiser, DJ and light artist, became a company brightly heralding its belief, „Be happy“ towards many different crowds. It was even in demand from industry – though it mixed its psycho freakness.

Meanwhile, never digressing from their belief of making people happy, OE has been back to Berlin for some years, still ingeniously bridging art and business. Next year, OE will celebrate 18 years of existence at a large event on Saturday 05.04.14 in Berlin with guests from today, then and tomorrow. Principally happy and crazy.

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