(DVD) Soulclipse: A Universal Trance Gathering

Author: Circuitvii
Date: Feb 15, 2008

Two years in the making, Circuit VIII and IndigoKids are - finally - delighted to announce the release of Soulclipse:

A Universal Trance Gathering, a unique music documentary filmed exclusively at the Soulclipse Total Solar Eclipse Festival. Far more than just a ‘video compilation,’ this movie is the most revealing look yet at the vision behind the psychedelic trance scene, as well as a fantastic record of probably the most memorable festival in the history of the scene! Check out over 10 minutes of exclusive samples in high-quality streaming video at http://www.circuitviii.net/soulclipse

Soulclipse: A Universal Trance Gathering will be released on DVD on 29th March to coincide with the second anniversary of the Total Solar Eclipse over Antalya, Turkey in 2006, which was the central focus of the Soulclipse Festival. However, the movie will also be available for digital download through a variety of providers including Brightcove and Musicane, from 1st March through our website and other download services, along with other exclusive content from Circuit VIII!

Soulclipse brought together musicians, artists, performers and spiritual trancers from all around the globe in one of the most stunning locations ever to host an event like this. Meet master visionary painters Victor Olenev and Carey Thompson, producers Naked Tourist, EVP and Tul, and many others, in in-depth interviews, and see the most talked-about moments from the whole festival - including dramatic footage of the near-disastrous stage collapse, and of course the Eclipse itself.

Circuit VIII is best known for the Fullmoon Festival DVD, released in 2006 on BNE/YoYo Records in Europe, and Wakyo in Japan. He has also appeared as a VJ at many high-profile events in the UK and Europe, as well as the Soulclipse Festival and ASSA conference in San Francisco, California. He is currently working on a movie celebrating 10 years of Hommega Records, to be released later this year.

With music from artists including Hallucinogen, Shulman, Ibojima, Naked Tourist and many, many more, the Soulclipse Festival movie showcases both the biggest names on the scene and some less familiar faces.

Featured Artists:

Hallucinogen - Shamanix

Chromosome & Endorian - Return to Stream

Reality Grid - Feedback Therapy

Ibojima - Mekatropian Sunrise

EVP - Hippy Bullshit

Bon - Internal Dragon

Epicurean - The Good Old Days

Nirmal - Dose the Monkey

Naked Tourist - The Switch in the Hole

Tribal Tul - Puera

Shulman - Zero Degrees

Tajmahal & Master Margherita - Butterfly Ritual (remix)

Deeper in Zen - Shiva Sha

Deeper in Zen - Dream Echoes

Hideyo Blackmoon - Do I Care (Short Mix)

Hideyo Blackmoon - Water from the Desert



Movie details:

Running time 100 Minutes approx plus slideshow of exclusive photography from Webgirl (Psytrips/Ozdoof) featuring all the full length music tracks from the movie (approx 2 hrs).

Video System (DVD): PAL, NTSC versions coming soon! Region-free disk

Language: English (Japanese, other versions coming soon - if you would like to discuss licensing in your country please contact Circuit VIII); English subtitles

Audio (DVD): Stereo CD quality AIFF audio (main feature)



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