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We are open for all people who are willing to support Chaishop with their art or work or ideas. There is always something to do! We are especially looking for people who:

  • write festival reports from your own country.
  • write articles on other topics.
  • Photography - Have you taken pictures at fesivals or are you interested in photography?
  • Historical documentation - Are you interested in working on a Psy trance history?

Maybe you have a topic on mind that hasn't been covered on this site yet. Don't hesitate to contact us emailButtonhere.



Our project stands for humanity and social involvement. We intend to create a space for the spirit of a culture and the possibility to connect itself by the universal language of music and dance to break up borders and promote unity.



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The old Chaishop Team loved the psychedelic trance scene so they founded Chaishop in 1997 as a resource and community website for the scene. The scene loved Chaishop and soon chaishop were host for up to 80000 visitors a month. With the years passing by, the Psytrance scene and also Chaishop matured. Until 2012 chaishop  was a resource for alternative electronic culture. "Our aims are inspiration, communication and internationalisation. Throughout the years we inspired many with our uncomfortable designs, impertinent articles or disgustingly beautiful photo reports. We connected like-minded people by transforming them to internet addicts and spread the news of Psytrance even to the most remote places of this planet.The old Team wrote that  it's  an always changing network of people that still believe that humankind can be saved if we support alternative ideas. The Team was spread around the world.

The new Chaishop Team has found together. A community of people sharing their love and passion for the philosophy of Psy Trance, preserving the culture and spirit and sharing it openly with all members of the psychadelic family. Our team is spread throughout the world and a big thank you goes out to all those people around the globe who have supported us in the past, the present and future by contributing articles, photos or any other media which helped to form the alternative electronic music culture as it is today. We would like to let you know that the team of is supporting this culture actively and will do so in the future.

While refurbishing the older contents of, we discovered enormous amounts of love, passion, engagement and diversity we decided to work on a History section. There we will integrate the old Chaishop contents, order it chronologically and archive it for everyone to have access to. We would like to create an historical overview of the psytrance culture and preserve the memory of the people who gave all thier energy to sculpt the scene as we know it today. As our own history of reaches as far back as 1997 we will make it possible for you to use this site as a medium to time travel through the years back to the roots of electronic music.

True to the concept of the old and by all the encounters with the people at parties, festivals and other events, experiencing their love and passion to Psy Trance in all its forms we feel compelled to continue to support and cultivate the love unity connection. By means of this website we want to provide a platform to interconnect globally even closer in the future.


Here an overview about our activities and your possibilities.

Here we would like to provide you with information which enable an insight on the spiritual and intelectual backgrounds of Psy Trance. The spirit of a world wide movement carried by thoughts and emotions which find their expression in music and dance. Regardless of which country on earth, Psy Trance has reached it.

So music and dance were able to create a possiblity for people to come together and to find a common home regardless of their origin or their status in society. Solidarity, tolerance, peace, openess and community are the founding ideas behind the worldwide movement helping to create the room and space to let ideas become reality.

We are all guests on mother earth on our mission to let our ideas become reality. Ideas become words and words become deeds. Besides opening a space to meet we would like to everyone to be able to experience peace and freedom to live as they please. 

The openess and couriosity of this spirit enables journeys and encounters with anything mother earth has provided for them. In the most greatful respect in interaction with mother nature, to act upon her interests, endured by love.

Communication requires a connection as communication evolves naturally once a connection is established. Psy Trance would like to provide such a connection to enable a worldwide communication. The universal language of music and dance creates bridges and overcomes language barriers. A common ground can be found which makes it possible to communicate without language.

We are all commited by our own ways to make this fundamental concept of this culture become reality. Disregarding any scale of commitment as any sort of contribution is valuable. The kindest thought, any commitment can become a building block for our road to peace.

We as will try to provide you with the worldwide interconnection and the space for the spirit and culture to encourage an even closer growing together. Every single member of the Chaishop Team sees themself as an amabassador for rhe spirit and culture.

Children are the future. We have to be the role models and to pave their way. We introduce possibilites and tip off thought processes. Our life is our mission. What we get is what we can pass on. We want them to grow up in an environment of solidarity, tolerance, peace, openness and comunity. In line with our philosophy we approach these small human beings with resposibility and consideration.

Many of the locations worldwide have already adopted this philosophy, thank you for that.

Music as universal language will continue to play a large role on As in the past we will introduce you to some of the finest musicians, producers, labels and new releases of the Psy Trance scene. We were able to revive the 2006-2008 era Podcast "Chaishop Bleep" and are seeing foreward to exapnding the collection even further.

The previous DJ Sets will be avialable on Soundcloud and we would like to invite you to a trip down the musical history lane.

The Work of individual artists as well as their contributions and articles which could collect in the years from 1997 to 2012 are wonderful. As we went through refurbishing old content it became obvious how much love, hard work and inspiration were put into some of these artworks. These will always find a place on Besides the already established artists we are always interested in giving newcomers a chance to present themselves, their ideas and craftings.

Craftmanship is another universal method an has found its individual expressions in different cultures. Photography has its own seperate area on this site. We are continuously working and expanding the Festival Photogallery to enable an global insight on the Psy Trance culture. Of course, all this can only be archieved as a collective. So you are most heartly welcome to join us in our effort.

lat.: Mens sana in corpore sano

In einem gesunden Körper lebt ein gesunder Geist.



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