No matter from where you come from, which color your skin has or which cultural background you have -
Psytrance has the means to connect us all.
Our doors are always open, regardless in which country - everywhere we find members of the family
and we can feel at home.
Thank all of you for that!


About the Photo Galleries Project: Here we are working on a Photo gallery of Psytrance Festivals from all around the world. We would like to show all the wunderful diversity in which Art displays itself. As photography should always be considered a delicate matter in regards of privacy our photographers are compelled to carry out their work with the most dignity, respect and greatest regard to always find the appropriate intimacy. Thank you all for make this possible!

Participate: Feel welcome to complete our world overview! The Festival Gallery is open for Photographers from all over the world. There are a lot of Festivals more, different types, different contries - You are welcome to cooperate with us! Contact us here: emailButton

Big thanks to to Murilo Ganesh, Carlos Motta, Lauro MedeirosSonora SatyaSisi ShantiJorge Martin LeroseHenrique Marques for your work, your cooporation and make this gallery possible. Big thanks to our own Photography Team "Weareone Photography" for engagement and energy to connect people and save their memories.

Love and Light! Namaste