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Soulvision Festival 2015, Brazil

Author: Marina Tavares
Date: March 2015

Happened between the days February 28 and March 05, one more edition of the traditional festival of Carnival, Soulvision, at Altinópolis, SP. 

The proposal this year was back to the roots, and this mission was reached with success! This edition was considered for many people the best of all times! 

Everything contributed with our celebration! With rain prediction, the public was prepared for the worse, but they received the best! St. Peter collaborated, and made that one rainstorm diverged from the festival, twice! Those who missed the fear of rain were contemplated by the God Sun, in one edition totally without mud! 

This year the organization was by Fabiano Mandallah. He chose the best artists, photographers, producing, decoration, structure, sound system, and everything possible for the welfare of his public... 

The structure was very good, green camp, high sound system, and food spot with a lot of variety... Every point of the festival was carefully planned, and the result was totally satisfaction of the public!

The people was very excited, with good energy, one wedding, the presence of beautiful pregnant women, sweet babies and kids, all together, having fun, in this beautiful celebration! The place where the festival happens, Wolf Cave Farm, has a beautiful view, cute animals, in this way, making Soulvision one unity of respect between all living beings. 

The festival won highlight inside fashion, with the Brazilian brand Tico-tico no Fubá. The project back to the Roots made one interaction with the public, body painting, beautiful productions, and giving gifts! The result was one amazing dance floor, with a lot of creativity and originality! 

The art was present in the festival, with jugglers; pirofagia; clowns; Indians with one project for spirituality cure; belly dance; project for women spirituality; real time sculptures; tie-dye; stencil; dream catcher; yoga classes; dance workshop; the Breath team, that stimulate the reflection, self-care, and knowledge of the use of drugs in parties; the Art Move project, with the purpose of deconstruction of ideas, and recycle of attitudes. The mix fair had massages, one artisan, and many more... 

The point that most call the attention of the public, even before the big day come, was the line up! A lot of artists, with many styles, in the spotlight of scene, Brazilian and international! 

In the Main Floor, the highlight of Progressive Trance was the projects of the Serbian Nikola, Zyce and Vertex; E-Clip; the Danish Morten Granau; the Israelis Perfect Stranger, Vertical Mode, Symbolic, Rocky, Lish, Sub-6, Lifeforms, Ritmo, Suntree, and Ritree, the union of Ritmo and Suntree; Gaudium; Artic, the junction of Gaudium and Ritmo; the Swiss Human Element; AKD;
Egorythmia; the Mexicans Interactive Noise, Hanzo, and Zonka; the German Kularis; the Greek Hi-Profile; the Brazilians Deutsch, Skipper, Ruback, Capital Monkey, Element, Max Grillo, and Vitor Falabella; the Djanes Steph, Kitty, and Malana, among others... 

The Psy Trance and Full On was very good represented, with great artists, to name some: Sonic Species; Brainiac, Materia; Mindfold, the union of Brainiac and Materia; Waio; Rinkadink; Absolum; Broken Toy; Menog; Loud; Azax Syndrom; Burn in Noise; Labirinto; Rosa Ventura vs Zaghini; Audio-X; Moon; Mack; Ekanta; the couple Second, formed by Bhaskar and Priscilla Petrillo; Earthspace; and many more… 

In the Progressive Dark we had the DJ’s from Zenon Records, Sensient, Hypogeo, Fabio Leal, and Diza vs Errado. 

In the Dark style, highlight for Magma Ohm and Urucubaca. 

The Club Floor had some well-known names, like Ilicris, parallel project of Scronvinsky; Gabe; Marcello VOR; Velkro, formed by Gabe and Marcello VOR; Alok; Khainz; Simple Jack; Re Dupre; the couple Flow & Zeo; Bad Boss; Leo Lacerda; Jotta Soares; Gabriel Boni; Diego Salgado; Yan Brauer; Thales Lima; among others…

The Chill Out this year won spotlight, being prepared by the organizer of Mundo de Oz Festival, Dêfo Estilo Espiral. The area had big names, to name some: Alexandre Zaghini, Rosa Ventura, Yage, Deutsch, Yasser Hanzi, PJ Yugar, and Eder FM… Showing that wasn’t the public from the festival that didn’t like Chill Out, was the Chill Out that wasn’t good enough in the early years… 

I confess that this edition overcome my expectations, I came back home with a big smile on my face! Thanks to the organization, and everybody that was there, because without you this carnival wouldn’t be complete. These days were full of happiness and big emotions!

Written by Marina Tavares

Japa Daniel Jorgin
Bruno Camargo
Tico-tico no Fubá




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