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Samsara Festival 2015, Brasil

Festival Review by Marina Tavares (Brazil): "One more edition of Samsara happened in Brazil. This was the 16° edition showing why this is one of the best festivals of Brazil.

The main floor was beautiful! The decoration was plane ts of our galaxy. The stage was wonderful! Great projects were playing like Sychotria, Deshi, Necropsycho plus Magma Ohm. The decoration of the Chill Out was perfect! The entrance looked like a big portal to another dimension!  I woke up Saturday with the birds singing and listening Goa Trance with DJ Inê. She was followed by GOAstral.  The main floor had a big forest with giant trees. The decoration at night was beautiful but not like the day. The most beautiful decoration is natural, the big trees that gives us shadow and comfort.

Pictures by Aleka Photography

This makes Samsara a unique festival! Everybody agreed that was the most cozy dance floor ever! That giant tree always makes me feel closer to heaven!  The main floor was playing Progressive Trance with DJ Mussati. After that started the Dark Progressive, my new passion! The project was followed by the Israeli Lifeforms. The
n was Altruism, the best female producer from Brazil.  After her was Sonic Species, one of the best projects of Psychedelic Trance. The British created one of the best moments on the dance floor!  The project was followed by Burn in Noise, one of the best projects from Brazil.  The sunset arrived followed by the night and all the my
stery. The sound was very good with Brazilian projects like Zaghini, Tera, Axial Tilt plus Whiptongue. The projects were followed by the British Fagins Reject. The public loves his music!  Sunday started with great project like the Chilean Telepatic.  The project Second was one of the highlights!  Highlight also for the Israeli Vertical Mode.

Pictures by Aleka Photography

The project was followed by Sensient, the owner of Zenon Records. His music turned me to an amazing music trip! Was impossible not to dance with body and soul! He played for 2 hours straight. He was followed by Fabio Leal.  At night the main floor was shining with great projects from Brazil like Smoke Ship and Nevermind.  Right after was Psyberpunk, one of the biggest surprises of the festival! His music and presence on the stage were great!  The project was followed by Swarup, the owner of Universo Paralello Festival.  He was followed by Electrypnose, one of the best lives! The Swedish played for 2 hours straight. I totally forgot about this word and got on
an amazing music trip! Was the first time I saw him playing. I started Monday in the Chill Out next to the river. Was a peaceful place full of children and dogs!  When I went to the main floor was playing Progressive Trance with the Brazilians Max Grillo & alabella. They were followed by Capital Monkey, a Brazilian project well-known worldwide. He was followed by Argonautes, the parallel project of Psyberpunk. The project was followed by Vatem, the parallel project of Electrypnose.  The sunset came with Ekanta, a great female DJ from Brazil!The last night of a festival is always the craziest one! It was full of Dark Progressive and the public really loved! 

Samsara was a spiritual and psychedelic experience! They offered yoga, meditation, poetry, and much more... Once more the road of life turned because life never stops. So we should enjoy it with consciousness and trying to take care of Mother Nature! Because it was the most important factor of the festival!  The road of life turn and never stops and this was my Samsara Festival!"

Written by Marina Tavares

Pictures by Aleka Photography




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