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Insight and Festival Alternativo do Krant 2014, Brazil

Author: Tiago Oliveira
Date: Sep 8, 2014

We have a really amazing place in brazil - its a park: The name is "chapada dos veadeiros" ...

... in this place existem two amazing festivals ... called Insight an Festival Alternativo do Krant.

This place its more famous in Brazil, because have a variuos waterfall and the whater its so crystal. This place is on the bigggg stone for quartzo... have a big and amazing vibe! The "Insight" festival its more organic decoration and this place its a island in the river - amazing! More natural person (not clothes,not underwear) And the music its prog dark and fulow night and dark. Its a five days Festival.


One week after follow:

In the same region, but in other place.This place (chapada dos veadeiros) its very big (120km this national park preservation) . The Festival Alternativo do Krant - it is not a new festival ... it is 14 years old. The more big festival from brazil (universo paralelo) was born in this region. The Kranti Festival is more commercial, about 3500 person are comming. At both Festivals, there are Waterfalls around - really nice.

Photo: Henrique Marques, Festival Alternativo do Krant



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