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  • Who is Harrygatty?

    This is an old chaishop article. But Joern is still active as photographer, but not in this area. In his article he wrote: "Hi fellows, there are a lot of good photographers in our scene. People from all over the world that document our history and remind us of the beauty and emotional times of events. But how can we reach them? Where can we find their work?

  • Woodfarmer Photography

    Woodfarmer Photography He is a photographer from Austria.

  • World Wide Tribe Events

    WWT Event ist seit diesem Jahr neu firmiert und heißt worldwidetribe events UG.

  • Yaga Festival, Lithuania

    Here are some beautiful video impressioons of "Yaga Festival" in Lithuania. Enjoy!


    YPSILON 2 Lichtkunst Illuminations Artist - Wir setzen Oberflächen durch geschickte Beleuchtung mit eigenen Entwürfen in Szene. Die RaumLichtPiraten von YPSILON 2 sind ein deutsches Künstlerkollektiv und fortlaufendes Projekt von Anke Münzberg. 

  • ZNA Gathering, Portugal

    Here are some beautiful video impressions of "ZNA Gathering" in Portugal. Enjoy!

  • Zuvuya Festival, Brazil

    Here you can find some beautiful video impressions of Zuvuya Festival in Brazil.

  • ॐWe are oneॐ Photography

    wasserzeichen weareone klein 4ॐWe are oneॐ Photography is a Photography Project which grew out of the passion for photography, dance and the people.



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