• Gaiazentrix

    Thanks to Gaiazentrix for this wonderful set!

  • Gandalf the colourful

    Gandalf the colorful is a german guy who travelled around europe to serve the people with a smile biological energyballs.

  • Gansedoline

    Author: Gansedoline Date: May 14, 2003, update 2014

  • Gemeos VB Fotografia

    João Paulo e Paulo Ricardo Vieira Borges: Irmãos gêmeos e fotógrafos que descobriram que a melhor técnica para fotografar é a técnica do amor.

  • Geo Paradise 2016, Panama


    These days in Panama, at the caribbean coast are more than only a dance festival. These days are full of positive energy, relaxation, spirituality, opportunities for new experiences, dance, exchange and communication.

    "GeoParadise works with native communities to preserve their cultural identity, create a cooperative network for resource sharing, and facilitate the connection between communities in need and those with the resources and skills to help. Through indigenous representative groups, we reach out to communities, offering assistance to address current needs. We encourage the communities to propose projects, implementing them if they are in line with our charitable goals. Our goal is to provide basic necessities and education, promote the arts and engage skillful volunteers. We aim to develop programs which will have a lasting effect, creating long term leverage within the communities they serve. These programs are primarily run by GeoParadise and its volunteers, although we do work in cooperation with other non-profit organizations, schools, and foundations.(...)"


    For more information visit the Website.

  • Goa - 20 Years of Psychedelic Trance

    Author: TomRom
    Date: Dec 21, 2010

    GOA - 20 Years of Psychedelic Trance by Tom Rom and Pascal Querner.

  • Goa Gil

    Goa Gil has a rich psychedelic history! Gil grew up in the middle of the San Francisco music scene of the 60s, and then left San Francisco to journey to India in September 1969.

  • Goabase.net

    The team of goabase.net is activ since the nineties, the user has different possiblities. The most important option is, that users can self-register festivals or parties worldwide.

  • Goodvision

    Author: Goodvision
    Date: Date: Mar 1, 2010, Update 2014

    Psychedelic paintings and more arts by Igor from Moscow.

  • Grand Beat - Gunma Yasuragi Camp Village 2008, Japan

    Author: Subline (KuRo) Date: Feb 27, 2009
    Pictures by Subline (KuRo), taken 4th and 5th of May 2008

  • GREEN SECTOR - Los Angeles

    Author: wyse Date: Jan 28, 2008
    www.greensector.com Los Angeles Based Trance Event Organizers Since 1999

  • Gustavo Ollitta, Italy

    Gustavo is a beautiful young international circus artist from Brazil, who is living in Turin. He is making researches around Manipulation, Optical Illusion and Circus Technique since 2007.

  • Hadra Festival, France

    Here are some beautiful video impressions of "Hadra Festival" in France. Enjoy!

  • Hai in den Mai 2009, Germany

    Review by: Roberdo Date: May 5, 2009, Germany
    In contrast to the really poor flyer Waldfrieden’s Hai In Den Mai festival was an absolutely amazing event.

  • Hai in den Mai 2016, Germany


  • Harmonia Records - Butterfly Effect

    Author: Juggler
    Date: Mar 3, 2005
    Score: 6/10

    Harmonia Records – Butterfly Effect

  • Henrique Marques

    Herique Marques is a photographer from brazil. He likes to take pictures at parties or festivals.

  • Hibernation - Some Things Never Change

    Author: Roberdo
    Date: Jan 14, 2009
    Score: n/a

    An unexpected discovery while tidying up my office reveals a superb piece of electronic music!

  • Hilight Tribe

    It is the dawn of a new era. Hilight Tribe is breaking new ground with their Live Natural Trance, an explosive new sound that is blowing up dance floors from Paris to Tokyo.

  • Hujaboy - The Fact EP (Bionics Records)

    Author: Roberdo
    Date: Sep 13, 2010
    Score: n/a

    Modern, independent, ass-kicking. Yes sir, I like it!



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