• Kids at Tribal Gathering 2014, Panama

    Geo Paradise - Tribal Gathering - Panama
    Children under 14 can come for free accompanied by an adult.

  • Kosmos Festival 2016, Finland

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  • Krischan de Beer

    Krischan de Beer Film Production stands for documentating authentic moments to create concrete and unique moving images.

  • Kukan dub Lagan

    Author: Sergi ad Dharma Date: Jun 23, 2012 
    In this audio interview, the extra laid-back producer tells about his musical evolution, current projects, the beauty of Barcelona and why it is not the size that matters at a party.

  • Kumquat

    KUMQUAT by the hand of his label head and DJ Ondrej, offers an established independent platform for the music expression to renowned and respectable artists of the globe.

  • Kupuri Festival 2016, Mexico

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  • Kupuri Festival, Mexico

    Here are some beautiful video impressions of "Kupuri Festival" in Mexico. Enjoy!

  • Lakay - Enjoy People

    Author: Roberdo
    Date: Dec 13, 2011
    Score: n/a

    Two aspects of this album are remarkable, and it is their combination that makes it one of the outstanding releases in 2011.

  • Lauro Medeiros

    Lauro Medeiros

  • Lebendige Menschen

    Analoge Elektronik trifft auf Live-Schlagzeug und Didgeridoo, kein Laptop, kein Playback, alles LIVE!!

  • Leone psychedelic art

    Author: Leone Date: Sep 10, 2007
    Leone psychedelic art ESSìD NoNaMe born, somewhere; reborn, somewhere else; lives and works, anywhere. based in Amsterdam

  • Life Celebration Festival, Croatia

    Here are some beautiful video impressions of "Life Celebration Festival" in Croatia. Enjoy!

  • Lila Space Creations ...abtauchen in andere Welten

    Author: Jörg Birkhold
    Date: Mar 20, 1999

    Eine Party soll ein Platz außerhalb des normalen Alltags sein, ein autonomer Bereich mit eigenen Gesetzen und eigenem Space.

  • Links

  • Looney Moon Records

    Seriously mad dance floor bangers.

  • Lost Theory, Croatia

    Here are some beautiful video impressions of "Lost Theory Festival" in Croatia. Enjoy!

  • LSD Events, Germany

    LSD-Events alias ET from Leipzig, Germany offers great psychedelic decoration including objekt art, 3D and UV-Light decoration.

  • Luna Design

    Author: Dea
    Date: Sep 06, 2008

    Luna Design was created in 2000 traveling through Australia.

  • MAE & MOA

    MAE & MOA is a Decoration Team, doing Black-light paintings, Lycra installations and LED 3-D Objects for Party`s Festivals and events.

  • Magma Records

    One of the pioneers labels of the PsyTrance music, Magma Records. Based in Italy and founded by Nicholas Mazzanti in 2001.



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