While I was studying in the 90s I began to play Rock & alternative music at Willi's Heartbreak Hotel in Paderborn.

With the musical variety I have never completely defined and restricted to a certain musical genre. That is the reason I can play totally different dance music on birthdays, weddings, club parties and open air festivals. 

Depending on the type of the event I play World Tribal Music, Rock, Independent, Charts, 80s & 90s, NDW and I also like to perform mainstream hits of the music history. For many years I was a part of the Waldfrieden crew and played regularly in the Adventurebar classic rock hits. At the Waldfrieden parties there is always a 2nd floor for Techno music which was my place to be. I spent many hours celebrating with the crowd.

In the summer it is particularly fun to hang out in the beautiful backyard. The visit of the location is always worth a trip!

Above all I love to hang up in dark wicked nightclubs & bars! Then I play with love melodic techno that is touching the soul. Sometimes I am asked to play Electro Swing that hips nearly everybody . My personal favorite tempo for Techno is between 120 - 128 bpm. If the celebration guests need it I give it faster!





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