Sangoma Records

Sangoma Records is a sub-label of South Africa’s Timecode Records.

Founded in 2011 out of enthusiasm for the psychedelic culture, and music by the cultural anthropologist Daksinamurti, and the virtuoso Emiel / Gata Freak - both DJ's for over a decade.

In southern Africa, the Sangoma is an intermediary for the ancestors, and sacred spirits, the wanderer between the worlds, and the practitioner of herbal medicine; a healing shaman, or for some a feared witchdoctor. The aim of Sangoma Records is to release psychedelic music without any stubborn stylistic definitions, or boundaries – music made by unique new talents, and established artists who don’t follow trends, and instead deliver something new and outside the box.

The aim of “Sangoma” is to not only release authentic music but to also observe, support and create culture. Sangoma Records: Organic medicine for your ears ☺



  • Emiel (Qatar)
  • Daksinamurti (Germany)
  • Jafar (Qatar / India)
  • Naima (Austria)
  • sG4rY (Germany)
  • Miazu & Polly (Finland)
  • Merry :) (Germany)
  • Izzy (USA)
  • Cosinus (Switzerland)
  • Back to Mars (Brazil)
  • Leo Hawk (USA)
  • Astronom (Germany)
  • BuzZ (Japan)
  • Flummox (Bahrain)


  • Etnica (Ibiza)
  • Gaspard / Yab Yum (Switzerland)
  • Via Axis (Brazil)
  • Kabayun (USA)
  • Frosty Fennic (Finland)
  • Diksha (Brazil)
  • Magic Forest/Universience (Russia)
  • Babagoon (Brazil)
  • Upavas (Germany)
  • Soladria (Finland)
  • Paratox (Germany)
  • Constructor (Germany)

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