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  • Acidance Records was established in Athens–Greece in 1999.

  • BOOM! Records - The longest independently running psy-trance label in the Netherlands. The Great news on the releases world is the comeback of BOOM! Records!

  • Dark Prisma Records is dedicated to grow and harvest psychedelic sounds from Planet Earth.

  • Based in the surrounding, scenic mountains of Geneva, Digital Shamans Records is one of the fastest rising labels in the Pystrance world right now.

  • Doof Records is a psycadelic trance label, located in Israel.

  • Equinox Records is a German music label founded by DJ Scientist in late 2002.

  • The portuguese progressive/trance label pioneer Flow Records started his activities by the year of 2000, the man behind is no other than Joao Garcia aka Dj Pena, international top portuguese dj, 4x Dance Club Mag award winner.

  • The story of Iboga Records began in the beginning of the 90´s when an organization called “Rotundum” arranged several events in the period between 1990-97 in the greater area of Copenhagen, Denmark.

  • Interchill Records is an independent downtempo/electronica label based between Salt Spring Island and Nelson, BC, Canada.

  • KUMQUAT by the hand of his label head and DJ Ondrej, offers an established independent platform for the music expression to renowned and respectable artists of the globe.

  • Seriously mad dance floor bangers.

  • One of the pioneers labels of the PsyTrance music, Magma Records. Based in Italy and founded by Nicholas Mazzanti in 2001.

  • Neurobiotic Records was the first psychedelic-trance label based in Italy, and still is at the forefront of the psytrance scene, producing some of the most cutting-edge releases. 

  • Plastik Park is a division of Sprout Music.

  • Germany based independent label fromed by DJ Antaro.

  • Psy-Harmonics is an Australian independent record label specialising in electronic music.

  • Sangoma Records is a sub-label of South Africa’s Timecode Records.

  • Author: Sha Ka Ree
    Date: Nov 10, 1999

    Sha Ka Ree is a promotion agency based in Bochum, Western Germany.

  • An Australian Multi- Genre electronic music label with loads of home grown and international talent. We represent artists from Australia, NZ, Portugal, Sweden, Brazil and more. We love progressive and psytrance, Chillout and tech plus more!

  • The world premier league of trance artists.



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