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Ultimae Records

Ultimae is record label, mastering studio, music publisher and record shop based in Lyon, France.

Into ambient, downtempo, trip hop electronica, deep techno, progressive trance, atmpospheric, neo-lassical.

AES Dana, Mahiane, Focal, Nova, Asura, Cell, I Awake, Finger In The Noise, Hybrid Leisureland, Lars Leonhard, Scann-Tec,Miktek, Circular, Connect.Ohm, Cygna, Hol Baumann, Opale, Mopoke, Laurent Chanal, Eckoe, Mizoo, Tilen, Max le sale gosse, Solomoon, Alpha Tek, Murya, Zinovia, H.U.V.A. Network, Brando Lupi, ...

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