Gaggalacka e.V, Germany

Gaggalacka - some of you might be reminded on a certain Science-Fiction-Movie and the afore mentioned planetary appearance. But contrary, the origin of the name is pretty easy: it was the result of pure fantasy.



It all started back in the days on a small birthday party, hidden in a small stone pit in Thuringia, Central Germany. It became a tradition to meet with an inner circle of friends for a freaky summer closing - the “Gaggalacka im Steinbruch” (Gaggalacka in the stone pit) was born. There was no promotion, no entrance, no timetable, no fixed line up, just one condition was central: We do things together. As a concequence we developed towards a family or tribe whose members are combining their forces and strengths that up to today form the basis for our work. In the course of the time, our little get together became bigger and bigger and developed towards a 3-day-Open Air Festival. We also started small indoor gatherings in different cities in order to keep the name also during the winter months alive.Unfortunately we had to leave our small, but beloved stone pit after some time. We switched locations several times, founded a registered association and since then, we publicly host the Gaggalacka-Open Air Festival, still dominated by the same ideal of Together-Spirit. Our members are spread all over Germany and their number constantly keeps on growing …

Although in the meantime we need to ask for an entrance fee due to higher financial investments and risks, we are continuing our efforts to keep the festival as original as possible. Furthermore, we are a family and children oriented festival, and therefore hope for visitors that share our definition of attentive partying. We try to keep our ticket prices on a fair and affordable level for everyone. If you don’t have the money, we are also open for volunteers and other forms of creative or artistic involvements. We are happy to exchange ideas with all of you. Everybody involved supports our gathering without any financial interests. Line Up wise, we are not promoting headliners, we try to keep it uncommercial but still straight forward, with cutting edge music reaching from Psytrance, Techno, Chill Out towards live music from local songwriters and even a live fairytale reading.

The love and passion for Psytrance, music in general and the culture surrounding it is our main motivation for creating an interactive playground and implementing new ideas and shenanigans. We always keep eyes and ears open for new upcoming talents and try to offer them a space for realising their efforts, no matter if as an artist, musician, decorator, performer, bar staff or craftsman.

Our aim is to promote new ideas, creativity and talents, in order to give a chance to everyone to contribute to our Together-Spirit. As a result of these initiatives we had the chance to launch a healing area, a puppet theatre, musical releases in the form of our compilations, workshops, performances and many new friendly cooperations. We are now busy with launching new ideas, to implement new eco-friendly solutions and make our festival socially, musically, artistically and ecologically more sustainable. We want to make the world a more beautiful place. This might sound naive to you, you might also call us dreamers, but we try to take the next step and implement our dream…

Along these lines: Keep on taking care of each other, respect the freedoms and needs of your surroundings, and above all: Keep playing with each other.
Your Gaggalacka Family.




If you want to support our project and preserve Psytribe Culture you are welcome to donate!