• DJ Sam @Chaishop.com

    Author: Sam Created: Oct 10, 1999, Updated: Sep 8, 2005  Text: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Photos: Kai Mathesdorf

  • DJ Skyliner

    Big thanks to DJ Skyliner for this Set!

  • DJoanna

    Being among the longest-serving female DJs of the German Psy Trance scene.

  • DJs Montagu & Golkonda

    The nineties drew to a close when a new style evolved from the original Psy Trance scene.

  • DOOF Festival 2016, Israel


  • Doof Records

    Doof Records is a psycadelic trance label, located in Israel.

  • DR Fluffy

    Big thanks to DR Fluffy for this beautiful set!

  • Dsompa

    Dsompa is the Tibetan meaning for “flowing together”, and is the project of Philipp based in Hamburg, Germany, a passionate Dj and producer.

  • E v.s Y - Virtuosi Di Quosi (Faerie Dragon Records)

    Author: Roberdo
    Date: Jun 11, 2009
    Score: n/a

    Finnish Psy Trance is a style of its own, no doubt.

  • Earthquake Open Air Gathering 2016, Germany

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  • Ed`s TnT

    Author: dearl2666
    Date: Apr 18, 2008

    One of the most choosen wooden pipes..

  • Eitan Reiter - Places I Miss that I Haven't been To (Aleph Zero Records)

    Author: Roberdo
    Date: Jun 4, 2010
    Score: n/a

    The first thing that drew my attention to this release was the name of the artist: Eitan Reiter. I remembered him to be responsible for a really,

  • Eitan Reiter - Ups & Downs (Iboga Records)

    Author: Roberdo
    Date: Aug 26, 2009
    Score: n/a

    This is one of the tracks I was really looking for: I first heard it in a DJ set by D-Nox in December 2007 (no, this is no typing mistake!) and instantly fell in love with it.

  • Ektoplazm.com

    The Ektoplazm free Music Portal Ektoplazm is a site devoted to psychedelic trance (psytrance), a distinct form of electronic dance music and a vibrant global counterculture.

  • Electronic awakening

    Author:Roberdo Date: May 15, 2011 
    "In Electronic Awakening, director Andrew Johner lifts the veil on an underground spiritual movement that has developed within electronic music cultures worldwide."

  • Elves, Aliens, Angels and Ayahuasca

    Author: Roberdo
    Date: Dec 05, 2010

    Graham Hancock gives a lecture about the ancient notions of eleves,

  • Equinox Records

    Equinox Records is a German music label founded by DJ Scientist in late 2002.

  • ESP - Sydney ESP Psytrance Events and Touring

    Author: raptor Date: Feb 17, 2008
    ESP has been on the forefront of Psychedelic trance and related events in Sydney, Australia for the last 13 years.

  • Evandro Jakus

    Evandro Jakus is a photographer from Brazil. He loves to take pictures at festivals.

  • Exodus Festival, Cyprus

    Here are some beautiful video impressions of "Exodus Festival" in Cypres. Enjoy!



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