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Vaisto Handmade Psywear and Clothes

Author: Vaisto
Date: Mar 7, 2009

Travellers of inner spirit and outer space, welcome to the vaisto realm of intuitive beauty & ongoing party!

Vaisto psywear is one-of-a-kind pieces, professinally designed & hand-made with love...we wish you joy and beauty wherever you go :)

vaisto - instinct, intuition

Vaisto is a half-Finnish, half-Russian team of professional textile madness, operating from Helsinki, Finland.
Inspired by happy dancing people, impulsive flashes of beauty, midsummer-night forest magic, travelling without destination, spots of a leopard & LoveLoveLove of course... We create clothes and accessories for the inner spirits wandering in the fields of fluorescent fantasy, right across the river from the psychonaut-launchpad to outer mindscapes.

We are dead serious. About quality.

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