Author: liese
Date: Summer 2001

Interview with DJ Rakete


Real Life Job:

psychedelic music


trancefloor, ambient, chillout, earthbeat

  • Sanat Kumara - Möbius 1999
  • various guest performances with Venus Vibes
Short Artist Resume:
Year: Occupation:
1988-1991 playing Bassguitar: Reggae, Blues, Funpunk
1995 ambient+triphop
1996 foundation of Venus Vibes- liveact-and DJ-pool
since 1996 trancefloor and chillout
1999 Sanat Kumara, project with Jess M.(didge)
2000 inspiration
2001 foundation of Miditation e.V.- culture and party club
since 2001 DJ Rakete
current project Rakete & die linken Hände


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Why did you decide to become a musician?

I can't help myself

What's your definition for trance?

Nonverbal communication composed by impulses of overstimuli

Some words about your concept? (e.g. how do you create moods?)

It depends on the mood of the audience. I try to respond to the folks around me so there'll be a feedback.In this connection I experienced the funniest things, listened to the most amusing stories and met many lovely people.

Your most extraordinary experience?

Again and again, when everything happens all by itself.

What's going on in your local scene? Your future? The future of your local scene? The future of trance?

Fusion with everything that fits. There's a lot to dance, let's listen to it!

Rakete @ Rakete (U-Site - Fusion, Summer 2001)




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