Mat Mushroom

Since 1994 I am the publisher of the international psytrance guide "mushroom magazine" and DJ...

Since about four years I am playing solely on my Mac, with Traktor by Native Instruments. For quite some time I was a bit frustrated as a DJ, as I felt a stuck in one place creatively speaking. Now I have many more possibilities. For example I can play up to four tracks or sample loops simultaneously, or use up to six independent FX channels by adding my Kaoss pad. Beatjump offers me the ossibility to jump forward or backwards in a track in time, or even work my way backwards through a track in reverse order. I interface with my DJ setup using a Vestax VCI-100 controller, which with it's dual Jog Dials and buttons gives me the same feeling as if were using CD players to play my sets. By expanding his or her possibilities using such hard- and software, I think the DJ is slowly being transformed into more of a live act, instead of being reduced to a mere track selector. Personally I find this development very exciting.





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