Plastik Park

Plastik Park is a division of Sprout Music.

With the launch of Sprout Music in 2004 receiving such a great response, the idea was soon born by label head Christian Wedekind aka D-Nox to create a sister label in Plastik Park, acting as an alternative avenue of release for all the good music he recieves from all over the world.

Since Jan 2006, Plastik Park is working in conjunction with Critical Rhythm label management in UK; label co-ordination in Germany is handled by Label Director Sally Bökler-Balaam aka Sally Doolally.With the groove and high production levels as key factors, Plastik Park is an open platform for all types of progressive sounds - focusing on progressive house.

Both Plastik Park and Sprout have successfully increased the awareness of this sound in Germany, making them stand out as labels dedicated to the dancefloor.




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