Neurobiotic Records

Neurobiotic Records was the first psychedelic-trance label based in Italy, and still is at the forefront of the psytrance scene, producing some of the most cutting-edge releases. 

Founded and managed by DJ Edoardo!

Well known for producing quality psychedelic music, Neurobiotic is one of the leading psychedelic-trance labels in the world. Neurobiotic is one of the few psychedelic-trance labels to have managed to find stability through the years, while applying high standards to its artistic production, musical choices and artist selection. The label is still pushing avant-gardist, festive electronic music—music you hear in nightclubs,partys and outdoor festivals all over the world.

The creation of this group aims at promoting the high-quality contemporary electronic music that has made Italian label Neurobiotic famous since 2002. This group wants to create bonds between Neurobiotic, its artists and its DJs, event and festival organizers, and you, psychedelic-trance lovers from all over the world. We’ll inform you of new releases, and information will be updated on a regular basis. Thanks for your support, and stay tuned to Neurobiotic!

Live performances:

  • Altom-Voyager (France)
  • Dimitri DKN (France-UK)
  • Disco Holligans (Greece)
  • Earthling (UK)
  • Liftshift (Holland)
  • Panick (Israel)
  • Polaris (France)
  • Silicon Sound (Germany-France)
  • Zen Mechanics (Holland)


  • Edoardo (label manager (Italy)
  • Mack (Bresil)
  • Psychotrop (France)
  • Rikam (Canada)
  • Trevor Moontribe (USA)
  • XP Voodoo (Israel)





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