Solar Records

An Australian Multi- Genre electronic music label with loads of home grown and international talent. We represent artists from Australia, NZ, Portugal, Sweden, Brazil and more. We love progressive and psytrance, Chillout and tech plus more!

Solar Records aims to give artists the freedom to showcase their music to the world. We provide a medium for not only talented producers, but also DJ's. Solar management agency, for the artists & DJ’s involved, promotes and connects artists with gigs and opportunities worldwide. After many years of Dj Jeannie doing gigs with some of finest producers internationally and in Australia, Jeannie has put together Solar Records. It was the next step to a long Dj career to represent this unique Aussie sound...from the deep, dusty afternoon progressive, to the chunky, funky morning Byron bounce, the thumping dawn psychedelic, and the full on night psy. Not to forget the international friends of Solar that contributed their time and talent. 

We encourage our artists to dig deep and to really develop and focus on their own “sound”. We believe good music is simply that. Solar music is about good production from intelligent creative souls and it will fit many a set time on the festival floor. Recently Solar has taken on a management partnership in Brazil, and we look forward to bringing forth a great co-operative with our overseas friends, helping to promote each others artists and creating an exchange of festival gigs.



International :

  • Grouch (NZ)
  • OCO (Portugal)
  • E-Nok (Portugal)
  • Mr Squatch ( N.Z)
  • Hypercube (Brazil)


  • Loosefingers
  • Pspiralife
  • Triforce
  • Level D
  • Merkaba
  • Mote.
  • Justin Time
  • Tristan Boyle
  • Kinetic Drop
  • Kryptik
  • Unseen Dimensions
  • Bigfoot
  • Visual Noize
  • Space Channel 5
  • Solar Plex
  • George Pick ( Israel)
  • Frackatik
  • Neuro Toxin ( Vic)
  • Sunstryk
  • Black Samurai


  • Azrin
  • Jeannie
  • Kripitk
  • Ecl1pse
  • Freya
  • Felipe
  • Dj Sorceress (Melb)
  • Nezbit
  • Psyentific
  • Poppa Big Wheels
  • Solar Records






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