Sunytryk - Pure Essence (Plusquam Records)

Author: Roberdo
Date: Jul 4, 2010
Score: n/a

One and a half year, that is the time which Thomas Vitali took to refine his Pure Essence and he did so with good reason: Every title on the available Sunstryk debut album represents

his very own character and tells his very own, individual story…

Cover Artwork:


  1. Ascending Soul Just like a warm, tender summer breeze this tracks leads in the album: Fluffy sound effects and dreamy melody sparkles enfold upon a bouncy bass line, it seems like their rather cautious usage makes them even more effective.

  2. Leaving Eden (Album Version) Forcing offbeat, whipping percussions, huge reverb rooms vanishing in infinity and within them pulsating sound structures: Despite its nightly-hypnotic potential also this work remains very light and easily digestible.

  3. Killer Born Just like its name implies, this track turns out to be a distinctly powerful and explosive one with an energetic Full On soul shimmering through the vibrating bass line. Flaring sound effects create a perfidious rhythm and quite some undertow effect over the course of the tidied-up and reduced arrangement.

  4. No Surface (Extended Version) That quality matters in the end, had been proven in 2009 by this track: Though barley anybody knew the project Sunstryk back then, it headed the Psy Trance charts of for continuous 8 weeks namely. This revised version deals with the melodic main elements of the original even more playfully and extends the listening pleasure in this way.

  5. Love Again Some wonderfully light and hovering melody entries scrape out slowly but constantly from a pulsating, stimulating bass bed and a surreal soundscape. Instinctively the idea of a sunrise suggests itself when listening to this accomplished junction of Full On and Progressive elements.

  6. Sacred Place It is light, warm and very dreamy, this Sacred Place that summons its strength from calmness obviously. A driving but still unobtrusive lower section founds the base for a very melodic composition, escalating to harmonic tributaries again and again.

  7. Pure Essence With its driving percussion entries and sophisticated, subtle melody structures, the Pure Essence of contemporary Progressive Trance music provokes a pleasantly itchy resonance just beyond the skullcap that pours straight down to the feet like an electric current. Pure psychedelic pressure without any hectic or kitschy soiling.

  8. Ace Ventura - Baby Boom (Sunstryk Remix) For the finale of his debut album, Thomas Vitali steps onto the atmospheric gas pedal one more time and serves his version of Ace Venutra's "Baby Boom" with quite an amount of bounce. The combination of rocky, acidic synthesizer- leads in front of a twisted sound scenery and warm, dreamy pad sounds creates a complex and surreal wickerwork of emotions.




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