California Sunshine - Rebirth (Bionics Records)

Author: Roberdo
Date: May 22, 2010
Score: n/a

It really seems like 2010 is the year for comebacks, or - expressed a little more esoteric- for Rebirths!

Cover Artwork:


And so again its also Re-Makes resp. Remixes that line up in my player for this album review.

No.: Track:
1. Rain 2010
2. Summer 89 2010
3. Alala 2010
4. The Flag
5. The Order
6. Midian Remix
7. Last Feeling 2010
8. Crazy Line
9. The Sound of Goa
10. Alala Ending


Out on Bionics Records - In fact Rebrith by Goa Trance veteran DJ Miko aka California Sunshine is a mixture:

Half of this album with it's pretty surreal and also retro looking cover is filled with remakes of some of his greatest hits from the late nineties, the other tracks represent new material from the Israelian producer. Not a big surprise actually that the remakes bring back original Goa Trance sound with its rich, overboarding and very positive melodies and very inspiring tempi. And also Miko's popular guitarr riffs are not missing!

So the musical aspect is clearly in the foreground, the rhythm structures also refer to the classical ones with retro- sounding kick drums and simple, but very efficient and very frisky sixteenth drum and snare rolls.The actually really different compared to the tracks from more than 10 years ago is the sound quality: It matches today's production standards and therefore our listening habbits, which may never be underestimated when it comes to music!

The new material on Rebirth could be described as clearly more up-to-date Full On orientated and a little reduced, but still the concept of a rebirth is carried on here with bouncy synth riffs and lots of melody entries.The album is finished with a superb, because very mucial Chill Out track carrying n extra easy acoustic guitar...

By the way: The album is recorded with the tracks being slightly faded into each other, so that DJs can play the music as they are used to do but also the CD is a really good piece of music to listen to in one, uninterrupted session, which again is a pretty cool feature for an album. 



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