Antix - Cavalier (Iboga Records)

Author: Roberdo
Date: May 6, 2010
Score: n/a

Wow... the freshest Progressive Trance I have heard since ages! So here we go with a review!



Cover Artwork:


No.: Track:
1. The Hoard (Album rendition)
2. Manta
3. Cavalier
4. Under the Shade
5. Lost & Found / Feat. Mark Ridout
6. Out of Sorts
7. Let the right one in
8. Box of Birds
9. Miro


Ok, admittedly I am a fan of Antx for a very, very long time already. But of course I listened to this promo with the unpartial neutrality of journalist ;) "Cavalier" takes of with "The Hoard", a track that somehow anticipates the atmosphere of this remarkable album: A sea-deep, modern mannered bass line, floating chord sounds, subtle psycho acoustics and complex melody arrangements with dramtic harmony changes.

Number two, "Manta" starts with a monotone, very organic bass that somehow wakes the association of the stgnant heat of a very hot summer da in me. But the atmosphere does not remain that opressive: Soon again a rich melody built-up sets in, getting more and more intense with every layer and creating a longing mood. Definitely Trance music and undoubtedly some of the most sophisticatedI heard since quite some time!

Well, dont wanna bore you with my associacions for every single track, just highlight "Lost & Found", a vocal track that might not please every Progresive Tance purist but that proves the musical qualities of the Antix brothers in quite an impressive way. All together these two dudes from New Zealand managed to create really up-to-date sound on this album, performing the hard to describe balancing act between not serving conventional cliches but somehow also doing so. So my honest recommend: Buy this CD, its a piece of mucis you will still enjoy in one or two years.



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