Protoculture - Premonition EP (NANO Records)

Author: Roberdo
Date: Jan 19, 2010
Score: n/a

I have to confess that I did not listen to a Protoculture track since ages but after I just checked out his new EP I have to say: These dude definitely still has it...

Cover Artwork:


I am talking about that certain magic touch of his productions of course! The first tune sneaking into my ears is a remix of his classic track "Avalon" from his Refractions album. Dont know how exactly Nate "Click" Raubenheimer is doing this but his basslines have that inexpressible force, reaching from a stomach massage to some hypnotic vibration in the lower middle sections. Pretty soon the well known vocal sample hits in and opens an extra trancy atmosphere.The tracks keeps a typical Protoculture vibe with unobtrusive but sophisticated melody entries and swirring synthie leads.

The digital flip side of this EP comes with a pretty cool track name: Fascinating Curry. Well, probably specially great name because it reminds me that I urgently need some food... Anyway, this track features kind of different atmosphere, its kind of cooler offers more bite and appears to be more functional. Could imagine this one pretty well on a loud soundsystem with few lights around.

Nice variation on this 2-track EP! Reffering to NANO infos, its an appetizer for a new Protoculture album to come soon, btw...




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