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V.A. - Rocky : Loading in Progress (Phonokol Records)

Author: Roberdo
Date: Feb 23, 2009
Score: n/a

This new compilation on Phonokol records is a pretty big surprise for me!

Already the name "Rocky" on the cover attracts my attention, since I remember this Israeli dude playing an absolutely awesome set at last year's Tshitraka festival.

Cover Artwork:


No.: Artist: Track: Duration:
1. massimo santucci the morning after tomorrow 09:33
2. peter jurgens till the end 07:38
3. rocky city lights (manuel duego rmx) 07:04
4. bitmonx vs. fabio in my head 07:09
5. yotopia take control 07:09
6. rocky paper cut (ace ventura rmx) 07:08
7. odiseo sunshine 06:40
8. fashion victim systematic 06:54
9. rocky pinprick 06:51


Turning the CD and having a look at the tracklist afterwards almost knocks me off my feet... ... because it is just absolutely wicked!

So off it goes to the CD Player:

Yeah, the very first tracks comes from Massimo Santucci whose sound I really liked around 2002. He was also part of the act Prototyp back then, together with Linus Wessel who again used to be a part of Tarsis. His sound was totally cracker back then and nothing has changed!

I am wondering if this awsome first track was produced recently or some years back, I did not hear anything from Massimo since ages. But in fact it does not matter, already this first track takes the bun, awsome daylight Trance! The CD continues with another of my absolute all-time favorites, Mr. Peter Jürgens.

He delivers a pretty reduced clubby beat garnished with his typical rich melodies. And the compilation keeps up this high level: Top notch Progressive Trance with a very modern, clubby note but still real Progressive Trance, no hybrid or Techno stuff. Great names speak for theirselves and deliver what they promise: Ace Ventura, Yotopia, Odiseo...

All together a pretty variating CD, too. All the tracks have a very warm atmosphere and make me longing for the summer and some hot festival acre to come. The FullOn stuff we are used to receive from Phonokol is not really my cup of tea, so I dont really wanna judge about it. But I have to say that this release is definitely cracker, two thumbs up for this amazing Progressive collection!

I am looking forward what coming up next on Phonokol...



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