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Vibrasphere - Lungs of Life Record

Author: DJ Juggler
Date: Jan 26, 2009
Score: 8/10

Vibrasphere – Lungs of Life – Tribal Vision Records

Promotional Thread:

Vibrasphere's 5th studio album out now...

A decade in any music industry is no mean feat in any style of music - but in electronic music, it's a proverbial lifetime. Few acts can claim this feat at all, let alone claim ten years of success - but in the European summer this year, that is what Sweden's Vibrasphere have accomplished. With their fifth and new album 'Lungs of Life' on Tribal Vision, Rickard Berlglof and Robert Eslter promise a maturation of their diverse sound and another step forward for this dynamic production duo.

The album features brand new studio material, from downtempo to progressive, techno and trance, including a very special collaboration with infamous Swedish project Ticon. There are also two exclusive remixes included - one by Canadian house/trance masters Glenn Morrison and Bruce Aisher and the other by French tech-house duo Solead.

Track list:

No.: Track:
1. Decade
2. Breathing Place
3. Ensueno (Morning mix)
4. Waveguide
5. Analog Marinade
6. Follow Me
7. Dew's
8. Erosion (Glenn Morrison and Bruce Aisher rmx)
9. 102 Miles From Here (Solead rmx)


Vibrasphere is over the last years one of my favourite projects, every album they made brings always lots of fresh new ideas for our parties and for the dance music in general.

Track 1 invites you to enter in the album atmosphere, with a pacific intro, composed by some quiet pads and very relaxed sounds.

Track 2 comes in a slow chillout mood...it has a nice downbeat groove, some dreamy pads and melodies, colourful percussions...really nice for listening after a party. If you are expecting for dancefloor music, here it starts...the bassline drives us to an electro territory, with some morning and deep pads floating around, dreamy melodies, always with a pumping and rhythmic kick backward.

Track 4 comes more dark and spooky, with a more intense and strong atmosphere on it...it has some lysergic synths and acid sounds, fat bassline, nice rhythmics, definitely changes the atmosphere of the album.

Track 5 continues in the same minimal way, with some dirty sounds coming and going...groovy and danceable bassline, nice dreamy melodies, good for any dancefloor at rush hours..

Track 6 comes with a more progressive structure...it has a very high electro expression, with a groovy bass and some morning peaceful leads...till this moment, Vibrasphere proved one more time that they can compose any style of music, always in his own unique way.

Track 7 is a collaboration with Ticon and comes very rhythmic and mellow...it has a pumping kick, groovy progressive bassline, some luminous spacey arpeggios, deep reverb pads, all together with a beautiful construction.

Track 8 is the remix of Erosion by Glenn Morrison & Bruce Aisher and is another pleasure for our ears...it has a solid and rolling kick bassline, some sweet melodies, fat progressive rhythmics, more smooth than the original.

For ending the album, we have the Solead remix of 102 Miles From Here, here on a more minimal techno mood...it has some fat and dark sounds, good percussions and rhythmics, really nice groove...the only thing I don’t like so much is the vocal samples but it’s a question of tastes. After 4th albums and lots of releases in all kinds of labels, Vibrasphere continues to impress with their continuous innovations in their productions...all tracks have his own soundscapes and his own story, all very deep and rhythmic.


Pedro Gaspar aka Dj Jugger



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