Papa Legba - Dead Air (Celestial Dragon)

Author: Roberdo
Date: Jun 21, 2009
Score: n/a

The easy splash of the ocean swell and the surreal sounds of tropical birds welcome the listener to an amazing trip to some gorgeous and colorful soundscapes...

Cover Artwork:


No.: Track:
1. Night Surf (Ishq Rmx)
2. Digital Ice Pipe
3. I Want To Believe
4. Recovering
5. Greek Opium
6. Arranged Memories
7. Abandoned Window
8. Barely Holding On
9. Namek Coastline (Extinct Planet Mix)


Night Surf, the first track of this debut album from Peter Zuniga aka Papa Legba goes completely without any beats, presenting a very complex and extreme harmonic layering of pad sounds and hovering melodies. The music crawls the inside of your skull and slowly seeps into the depths of your brain... A look at the display of my CD Player reveals that we have already reached the Digital Ice Pipe, track two of this album. The rather inconspicuous, minimal but still pretty aesthetic cover artwork and the dismal name “Dead Air” do not really give a hint about the absolutely deep, trippy and truly psychedelic mood of this album. You won’t find many beats here but therefore astonishing deep soundscapes, sometimes varied by some instrumental citations. I recommend this CD for those very special moments when you close your eyes for a flight to the exiting inner worlds… It will also perfectly work in any cosy or tender situation as well as for meditation. A collector’s item, featuring almost illegal psychotropic sounds!





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