Soular Records --Evolve--

Author: Juggler
Date: Feb 3, 2005
Score: 8/10

Soular Records – “Evolve”

Promotional Thread:

Take the time and \'Evolve\'.

Soular Records explodes back with electrifying psychedelic groove from this new compilation featuring an expanded cast of talented psy-navigators from around the world.

\'Evolve\' is a sound journey packed with dancefloor storming night time intensity and vibrating morning sunshine.

With fresh new tracks from artists like Atomic Pulse, Wizzy Noise, Deeper in Zen, Pop Stream and Point, \'Evolve\' pushes the boundaries of sound and mind to new heights.

Mastered by Tamir Ozana who also contributes a new killer track under the moniker of \'Iceolator\'.



Track list:

No.: Artist: Track:
1. Cyzum  Escape from the Sun 
2. Deeper in Zen One Timeless Moment
3. Point 9-ball
4. Deeper in Zen vs. Mind Warped Mental Liberation
5. Iceolator The Gathering
6. Wizzy Noise Aegean Sunrise
7. Atomic Pulse vs. Ultravoice Digital Wave
8. PopStream vs. Alternative Control Electrical Tones
9. Onnobo Bjorcs



This compilation is in my opinion one of the first great surprises of this year…it’s the first release that I listen by Soular records and from now I think I’m going to be more one Soular addicted :) Like the promotional thread says, “take the time and evolve…”

Track 1 starts the compilation very well with 140 bpm, a good range to start anything for me, like a live act, dj set, a party, etc…this track have some deep tunes that do me remember night time…in the middle there is too some good breakbeat section, which one I think that drum’n’bass lovers is going to like it :)

Track 2 by Deeper in Zen changes the bpm range to 145, it has a great and groovy bass and almost from the start to the end of the track there are some nice psy sounds that seem to be progressing and regressing, nice job.

Track 3 is one of the best tracks I listen from Point, it has a powerful kick bass (Point’s style), bright and quiet melodies and psy sounds, wonderful percussion from 2m48s…very very good :)

Track 4 is a bit more psychedelic and dark…it has a nice kick, some psy and acid sounds that (I think) will be useful to the brief moments before the sunshine…

Iceolator – The Gathering is a return to morning time…powerful kick, and some kind of a piano melody very good but a bit boring, this track is completely Atomic Pulse style, very good :)

Wizzy Noise gives us a track with a groovy and very creative bass, nice hi-hat, and a brilliant final starting at 7m47s with a marvellous melody…the only problem of this track for me, is that it has almost ten minutes and from the middle to the “final edge” it starts to be a bit boring, it’s the problem of too long tracks…

Track 7 by Atomic Pulse and Ultravoice (the last one was forgotten on the track list of the release) is one of the greatest tracks from Evolve…it has marvellous and beautiful melodies…essential for day time…I really wish to hear more music from this projects together :)

Track 8 is another great one…it has a nice and progressing kick, bright and quiet melodies to listen with eyes closed…at 3m23s there is some melody that do remember some Infected Mushroom stuff…I think it’s the ideal track to finish a party!

Track 9 take us to another psychedelic part of our journey, it has deep melodies, all the track is very involutes but I think it can be other track doing the final fly of the compilation…

Speaking in general, the compilation is all very evolving… :) it has a great quality mastering, great tracks (I think the bests of this year till now), a killer compilation really!


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler



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