Harmonia Records - Butterfly Effect

Author: Juggler
Date: Mar 3, 2005
Score: 6/10

Harmonia Records – Butterfly Effect

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After the success of our first compilation "Perception” we had the need to move forward and rise up the quality of tunning. This is a fine selection including some of the biggest names in this scene and a few new and upper coming ones. For your maximum pleasure we have co-operated with Avi Algranati (Spacecat /Israel) who is responsible for the mastering of this top notch cd. The production is better than ever. Do not miss this new high-level production, a must have for every single one of you.


No.: Artist: Track:
1. Tristan No Boundaries
2. Ion E-Tom
3. Anax Libria
4. Wizzy Noise 10’o Clock
5. Tikal The World Is Yours
6. Ion Industry
7. Overlap Sunglasses
8. Polaris A.I.
9. Unison Porno Trance


After the great Perception compilation, I’m glad and anxious to hear the last comp. by Harmonia…

Track 1, by Tristan, starts the compilation well, slowly, progressing from second to second, always with the psychedelic deep feeling well known by Tristan…but the negative part of the track is that it has too the “less creative” feeling of Tristan and it turns a bit repetitive…

Track 2 by Ion (the new artist from Harmonia that has released is first album called Ionized) has a spatial feeling and has some melodies that doing remember goa trance…always with a deep and quiet feeling…

Anax from Serbia presents us with a more psychedelic track, all with a good and open melody, I’m thinking listen it on an open air festival in the morning after the sunshine, it sounds good!

Track 4 by Wizzy Noise is a bit more progressing; it has a groovy bass line, sincerely a bit boring, all the track as calm tunes associated with it, perfect to finish a party at sunset.

Track 5 by Tikal has the same groovy rhythm that Tikal always put in his tracks…from time to time appears a vocal sample but always with the kick in back…it has too a nice and quiet melody, a pacific guitar reef, truly all the track is very pacific and shanti :)

Track 6, the second one by Ion, has the same deep and quiet feeling of track 2, but this time it has a more “final of a party” melody; it has a sample of a chanting that sounds really good, the track is a bit similar, doesn’t changes very much but it stills good…

Track 7 by Overlap - Sunglasses is very calm and a bit repetitive; it has mellow melodies, natural tunes but it seems like we are listen to the same part of the track all the time…it can be more variated…

Track 8 by the French man Polaris has the powerful and greatest bassline that Polaris always put in his tracks…the rest of the track is very calm, nice melodies, ideal to finish a morning set!

Track 9 by Unison, the project from Pan Papason and Nectarios, is a very spatial track, it does remind the scientific fiction movies…the music is more to the progressive side of trance, but always with psychedelic sounds crashing on it…it’s a bit repetitive…

Sincerely I prefer the Perception compilation, I think that this one have much repetitive tracks, I give it…


Pedro Gaspar aka Juggler



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